If you could only have one unicycle which size would you choose POLL

Can’t merge polls unfortunately :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah. The same poll in 2005-2008 would probably have been in favor of 20-24" with all these young freestyle/trial riders… :smile:

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In 2008 (just looked it up, that is when I joined) I would have answered 19" with no doubt at all, but the wheel tends to get larger as unicyclists age. At that time that was the only size I owned anyway.


lol I wonder how big my unicycle will be when I turn 90 in 40 years.


Hey, I first now notice the 28" UW you have in there. Mine is also in the back of my car.

Definitely No, I don`t feel like 36 inch. :grinning:

Yes, it was in the car for a little bit, until I realized that it would not fit in the end. We were packing for almost a week.

I recently made a trade with a new forum member. His 28” UW rubbed his legs too much, and he thought he would like a 20” better. He recently sent video of him riding the 20” we traded to him, and it seems that the trade worked very well for him, and the 20” is exactly what he wanted.

Our son decided he doesn’t have enough time to ride right now, while in college/at university. So, the 28” UW is now available for me to learn. I am at the quarter/half-rotation stage. :grin:

I am definitely looking forward to learning to ride it.

Back on the topic of size choice, the UW would definitely not be my only choice forever. However, it was apparently the only unicycle owned by the previous owner.