If you could only have one unicycle which size would you choose POLL

Ok then, a 36” and a 650b :stuck_out_tongue:.


Same… only one, then 29". If allowed two, a 24 and a 36

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What an excellent and modest choice!

How about merging this thread with the same exact thread we just had? (@mods)

Or let’s follow the trend and ask again every 3 months! Thread proposals for June, September and December: :wink:

  • What wheel size if you could only have one?
  • Poll: you can have only one unicycle, which size?
  • Which size would your unicycle be if you had only one?

I am all for merging it but I assume that @cg_Gubera’s point in creating this was the lack of a poll. The earlier thread certainly has lots of comments but without an easy poll it is harder to be certain if there is any consensus.

That said, the results (thus far) say more about the types of unicyclists who frequent this site then what is the best compromise “all round” size for all unicyclists. For the most part it appears to be a slightly older crowd here with more of an interest focussed around muni and to some extent road/distance (and with that things like commuting). Hence the lack of any real volume of votes for the sizes most commonly used for the likes of flatland, freestyle, street, trials, etc. Yes ok you can use a 24 for some of those (or perhaps all if you want a multipurpose compromise, which is the point of this poll) but note that 24 has pretty low votes too, despite being a potentially nice choice for more technical muni.

If this is (as I suspect) muni +distance riders primarily (and quite possibly people who want to do a bit of both) 26, 27.5 and 29 being most popular makes a lot of sense. And while bigger unis like 32 and 36 are great for distance they are less ideal of muni, especially as it gets more technical.

For my own part I picked 26, which whilst having less muni tyre options these days then say 27.5/29 does still have some level of variety (and is actually pretty OK for road-style tyres). With multi-holed cranks, I can also get an OK crusing speed for distance (when set to say 100mm), so makes a nice compromise size for me. Though in all honesty I could no doubt have a nice time with just 27.5 or 29 as well because I do not do any of the disciplines where the smaller sizes really shine. If I did, then despite faily limited tyre options I might have picked 24 as the ultimate compromise, given you can potentially do everything. Yes for long road distances, that is pretty tiny but I have cycled 24km+ on a few occasions on such a machine, so it is at least doable IMHO.

I agree, if you get two… that is a pretty winning combo.


Very well said, Ruari!

If we suddenly received the opinions/poll response of 30 dedicated Trials, Flatland, and/or Freestyle riders, the poll would/might experience a huge swing in size choice.

Today, I actually had to make this choice. We are headed out of town on vacation/holiday. I have a 36” group ride to participate in when we return, so I was going to take the 36”. But, we will be in the woods/forest with many areas for Muni. So, I was also going to take the 27.5 Oracle. But, that area is very fun for the 24”, so I thought I would also strap the 24” with a 3”Duro tire to the cargo platform.

Our son? He chose a 26”, as he can do anything on it.

As it turned out, strapping all four unis to the cargo platform was more work than it has been in the past, and I needed the cargo platform for luggage.

Instantly, the plan was to remove the seat post of one uni for each of us, and put the unis inside the vehicle. I had to choose one.

So, my choice was the 27.5 Oracle to have any chance of keeping up with my son and to fit inside the vehicle.

Since “it didn’t really happen without a photo”, a photo is attached. Prior to snapping the photo, I put an Ultimate Wheel in the vehicle. That had to be removed due to space. (When you run out of room for an Ultimate Wheel, the photo looks very different than the one you see :grin:.)

Dry pantry goods in the box, cold items in the ice chests. You can barely see the Duro Crux 27.5x3.25 tire on the left and my helmet in back.

All of this brings me to a thought I had today. My answer to the poll might be different, dependent upon the context.

For today? The 27.5 Oracle.


I was thinking the same thing about riding style would highly affect wheel size choice.
Sounds like we need a poll on the types of riding folks do too, eh? :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, not everyone has tried all sizes either.
Having only tried a 24 and a 27.5, I picked 27.5.
(Which seems to be a favorite size for muni).
I have no idea what I am missing in a 29.
The 27.5 seems tall enough for me for now!

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I am faced with this question every time I go on vacation. Most of the time I choose my 26" with Surly Dirt Wizard 26x 3.0 , steel fork and rim brakes :slight_smile: It’s the most solid and trouble-free unicycle that has never let me down. There is hardly any measurable difference between 26" and 27.5" (it’s exactly 1 inch), i.e. 1.26cm in height. But I still feel safer on downhills with 26 inches. In the end, the wheel size 26 itself offers me more options, since I ride a lot with the Fatty and 45mm rims. There I have the possibility to mount both the Dirt Wizard 3.0 and the Nate 3.8, which then has the same dimensions as a 27.5 x 3.0


I need a bingo card for threads for you coming in with the 26" love lol

Only have a 26" wheel for less than a week and I can see why you love it so much. Good increase from a 24" and still small enough to be very packable. Also with a big enough tire you can get them going pretty fast over most terrain.

Wouldn’t want it for long distance but it’s got a lot of strength as a size + option for fat tires.

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When I visited Australia a couple years ago I faced that question seriously before leaving. I left with a brakeless 24’’ thinking that it would be a versatile choice. I can go Muni with a reasonable speed and ride urban with it (Trials / Street). Well, turns out 24’’ is just not very good at anything. It’s a good wheel size to make everything feel kinda off hahaha.

As much as I love Muni, and I do ride more Muni than anything else. If I had to have only one, I’d pick up a 19’’ Trials! But that wont happen. I’m always going to have at least a dozen :joy:


I’m amazed you folks barely choose the 19/20 option, because I know a few people who indeed has only a 19/20er as they are only interested in freestyle/trials. Guess they don’t use the BBS too frequently either.

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judging by the number of votes for 19/20 - freestylers and flatlanders do not hang out on this forum


I had expected the 27.5" to be at the top. I don’t have it, but I prefer the 29er to the 26" because it is slightly faster. Both are equally easy to mount.

The urban crew has moved on to Facebook or Skrrrt where it’s mostly dedicated to that. I visit the forums because there’s more ‘‘real’’ info and stuff is easier to find. I like all the disciplines really :slight_smile:


what is it ?

An app for urban unicyclists. Enjoy!


Can’t merge polls unfortunately :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah. The same poll in 2005-2008 would probably have been in favor of 20-24" with all these young freestyle/trial riders… :smile:

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In 2008 (just looked it up, that is when I joined) I would have answered 19" with no doubt at all, but the wheel tends to get larger as unicyclists age. At that time that was the only size I owned anyway.


lol I wonder how big my unicycle will be when I turn 90 in 40 years.


Hey, I first now notice the 28" UW you have in there. Mine is also in the back of my car.

Definitely No, I don`t feel like 36 inch. :grinning: