If you are on Strava...

I joined the group in Strava and had a general question. Is it appropriate to track things like practice? I spend a good amount of time practicing rolling hops riding back and forth in a small area and also spend time practicing coasting at night when trails are closed, usually riding around the block on the sidewalk. It seems like a good way to track my time at least even if these are not strictly “rides”.

I think it would be a good idea. You might be surprised by how far you actually would have traveled. One suggestion would be to tag your ride with whatever you where working on. That way we can follow your progress.

Makes me wonder how precise the gps is, and if it would actually be able to track your distances very accurately.

That’d depend entirely on the device you’re using to track yourself - Strava just takes the .gpx files your GPS device/app produces and turns them into something readable :smiley:

I had wondered pretty much the same thing. It looks like it could be fun to join in but I don’t know what Strava would make of two-hour practice sessions where I never leave my driveway.

I don’t know the app/site very well but even the free version allows you to download the GPX file for each of your rides individually and you can also download all your data as one GPX file. At the very least you can use it to track your practice time and location even if the distance turns out not to be very useful. In 2011 I started trying to track my time but got sidetracked and did it more successfully in 2012.

Has anyone following this thread done any analysis of their rides beyond what’s available on Strava? I’m thinking about trying to figure out a way to count dismounts and maybe smooth them out to get better information about average speeds.

Haven’t really looked into the topic but what i do remember is that my rides have a total time and a ride time, and that there’s always a number of “rides” or “runs”. So i guess that the number of runs is calculated from the numbers of “stops” (no movement).



There’s no way to add more trail to a ride is there? I forgot to record the uphill portion, and only got the ride back.

You can edit .GPX files with an editor (there are several with graphic interface for free or just edit the plain text data :D) to fit your needs.
Did this editing to remove extra bits before or after the ride i wanted recorded and to even out errors (section where my cellphone kinda lost gps contact so the resulting .gpx file had me speeding across with 75 kmph etc.)



But you cannot add it to existing ride. You can however download the gpx, delete the ride from Strava, edit the file and upload it to Strava again.

Way too time consuming. I’ll just try to remember next time.

I’ve been using Strava while out “riding” my unicycle just to see how far I’m actually going without falling over. The graphic results are absolutely pathetic and hilarious! I traveled nearly 0.3 miles over 25 minutes last night!

Yeah, I’ve mapped the gpx data from low-speed unicycling and there wasn’t much there to use. There’s always some jitter in a gps track, but rocking around on one wheel with it in my pocket seems to confuse it more than normal. After filtering out the noise, it wouldn’t look like I had gone anywhere.

When I was starting out last summer, I just kept a text file with a line giving the date, roughly how long I practiced, and a little bit about what I worked on. Keeping up to date with that was easy enough, but I never figured out what I’d ever do with it and I let it drop after a few months.

I don’t know if you’re familiar with the brand Fuel Belt, but they make little waist pouches for runners to store an ID, food, and keys. I typically wear mine while running around my chest. I’m going to try putting the phone in there instead of in my pocket. Maybe that will decrease some of the GPS confusion. I can actually get up and ride for a decent way now so the results won’t be quite as silly looking as before(though the results will be far from impressive:D).

Hey, don’t worry about about how short your ride is. I’m using the Strava UniTE Club to encourage me to work on my distance/stamina just as much as my idling and hops. You’ll see me listed somewhere near last place every week but one day… :roll_eyes:

Keep up the good work.


Distance isn’t everything. I had a super short ride Sunday, with a steep hike up and an awesome technical downhill. I was spent after that, it was a lot of work. But the total distance wasn’t very far.

KOM is in your head

I agree Dane… Strava tends to make us focus on distance and speed. If riding a bigger wheel uni that may be good metrics.

Strava does not do a good job of capturing the essence of off road riding and the technical challenges that go with it. That personal satisfaction has to come from within, where it matters most.

They do have a suffer score, if you’re premium and wearing a heart rate monitor. “suffer score” just does not sound very motivating.

I would have the highest score ever. My heart goes crazy.

Strava does mark segments with difficulty ratings (One segment I routinely ride, Strava refuses to have a leaderboard because it’s ‘too dangerous’ to have people racing…) But I suppose there’s only so much you can do with GPS tracking :smiley:

Yeah, but I’m a total newb(kook, beginner, whatever), and if I make it 50 yards on totally flat ground, I’m so happy I can almost ignore the quads cramping!