If U R not obsessed with skill levels, U might want to skip this one :)

I’m really getting into this skills stuff. Once I got passed ww and L foot
riding, it really boosted my confidence and enjoyment. It gets a lot
more fun because it as you progress, you have more skills to work with,
and everything becomes more interesting. I was riding down the street the
other day wheel walking with my two dogs on leash, and my neighbor said,
“Joe, stop. You’re scaring me.” I just smiled.

I’ve found the skills list to be confusing when used in it’s raw format.
So I made a spreadsheet to help me focus on my development. I divided the
skills I have left in levels 7-10 into three columns:

skills completed (10) skills to focus on now (meaning I feel ready to work
on them) (20) skills for later (beyond my reach, for now) (15) (e.g.,
gliding, coasting.etc…)

I’m curious as to what y’all think of my regimen. I’ve included some tough
ones to work on now simply because they don’t seem to high pre-requisites
other than a certain decent riding ability.

Current stuff I’m working on

Level 7 bwd seat in back ww circle 1 foot ww ® Level 8 mount #8 jump
to sib L ft fig 8 bwd 1 ft R 10m hand ww10m Pirouette bwd spin Level 9
mount #9 into 1 ft riding bwd sif fig 8 1 ft ww L ww bwd 10m drag sif
10m, holy hell, this will require assistants drag sib 10m bwd one foot L
1 ft sif 10m bwd pirouette Level 10 mount #10, probably suicide or
kickup 180 uni spin.

Stuff for later (most of these have pre-requisites above, or I’m not
nearly ready) ww fig 8 ww 1 ft circle glide 10m ww 1ft fig8 bwd 1ft circle
bwd sib circle bwd sib fig 8 ww 1 ft (L+R) circle ww bwd circle sideways
ww 10m coast 10m side ride 10m ww 1 ft bwd 10m

> >1 foot ww ®
> – just keep at it – so much fun, and easier than ww

I’m glad this is easier than ww, but I cannot imagine how it could be. I’ve
only tried it twice for a few minutes each. I’ve got ww down strong now.
Guess I need to see some live 1 ft ww in order to understand or just keep