If There Was A MUni Weekend Here Would You Come?

I was thinking since everyone else has their MUni weekends why not try and make my own? It wouldn’t have to be here in Tucson necessarily, but somewhere near here, although there are some crazy trails around Tucson. I was thinking of getting a MUni soon (finally) and start scoping out trails and stuff for a possible weekend next year. It would have to be around winter time since it’s so hot otherwise. Maybe sometime after Christmas? I’m just seeing how many people would even be into it seeing as how most people have their own MUni weekend to go to, which I can’t really go to anymore because of work, school, what not. Not that most people don’t have those, but I would be driving because I don’t want to fly so it’s a bigger chunk of time I have to see if I can get off. Anyway, feedback is appreciated.

Also what kind of Street/Trials things could be included in the weekend and what would be a good percentage of time to dedicate to MUni or Street/Trials alone?

And… When is Moab usually? Since I can drive now and it’s not too far away I want to see about planning on going to that.

Moab has been near the end of March.

For your MUni Weekend, first you have to find out who’s interested. To do this, you might need to pick out a weekend, or a choice of a few weekends so people can be more definite. Then start talking with them about what they want to do at your weekend. Remember to give more weight to the people who are coming, not just the ones who have lots of opinions.

Also remember doing Trials or similar events includes designing/building the courses. That’s always a factor in whether or not you can do them.

I was in Tucson in May. Yup, it was already bloody hot by then. Winter sounds like it would be a nice break for people. Got any cool trails around Suguaro?

Hi Zach,
I doubt we can come this year because we’re coming down for the Tour de Tucson in November: http://tourdetucson.com/

If anyone else is interested I think most of us are signing up for the 66 mile option (sorry for threadjacking…)


One of my friends and I currently ride quite a bit in the Phoenix area. There’s a unicycle club in the valley, too, but we haven’t met up with them yet (I’m told they don’t ride much in the summer, for the obvious reasons): http://www.arizuni.com/

Four of my other friends are learning and should be trail-ready in a few months or so, as well.

Nathan - Are you going to stop by? I’m going to look into that tour… is there a page with more info? My college is on one of the maps of the route I looked at.

John - I was thinking of some time from now, maybe next year but who knows. I’m just seeing if people would even venture down here for it and also what time would be preferable if they did. I know a great place for natural trials which I’m going to look into, as for a course, I will look into diffferent options for that also. I’m sure there are some great trails aound Saguaro, and also Mt. Lemon unless the fire went through them, and then two hours or so away there are a lot of state parks I’m going to find out more about. I just have to get a MUni and start riding them.

Matt - Do you guys ride Trials or Street? I would be into getting together sometime to ride if you do. I’m not doing any MUni since I’m tired of riding MUni on my 20 inch.

why not have one in colorado? we have the best trails, and for one of the rides we could ride down pikes peak!

Zach, Not sure of the travel plans yet. We just sent in the registration forms today. We have a free place to stay (timeshare). I haven’t done the tour before but my cousin rode it last year on bike and liked it so we’re trying it on Coker this year. I’ll let you know when we figure it all out - hope we can meet up there.


Not yet, although there’s some interest here in building more trials and freestyle skills. I’ve only recently started moving past vanilla street riding, and my friend started riding in April. We took some random video over the weekend (lazy editing, but it’ll do):

http://www.flashbangstudios.com/tests/uni/arizona_muni_fun_1_hi.wmv (32MB)
http://www.flashbangstudios.com/tests/uni/arizona_muni_fun_1_med.wmv (19MB)
http://www.flashbangstudios.com/tests/uni/arizona_muni_fun_1_low.wmv (6MB)

It’s the same video, just different bitrates/quality.