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Could someone make an review of Qu-Ax hub to the rec.sport.unicycling? I don’t understand German and I think a lot of people would be interested on the Qu-Ax vs. Profile, KH and Onza. I just tought that there might be more of people who have tested Qu-Ax around here.

Hallo Joona !

Now I drive my municycle with an Quax-splined-hub- 48 spokes-170mm cranks- halo-combat-rim- wheel-set for a couple of month and I like it very much, cause it´s a real strong wheel-set ! My weight is 95 kg and I´m doing jumps from 1 meter high objects and the wheel set is real fine. 2 times I´m going really offroad with this wheelset, cause I drove some crazy downhill-lines with some of my unicycle friends and the quax-wheel-set laugh about it. In other words the quax splined hub is real strong and 48 spokes are really strong too. So for the price of 200,- Euro for the wheelset, inclusing the tire it´s a good deal. You can buy it from
www.municycle.com ! Good internet-shop from a real fine german-municyclist !



Thanks for the info, I’m going to buy it from Roland. Probably before spring. I only weight about 60 kg, so it shouldn’t be a problem at all. I haven’t decided what rim I’ll get but somehow I’m like the Halo wheelset more. Even though Roland recommended the MX8 rim. But as you said it is a really cheap wheelset.

I use the wheelset with a Halo too.
My weight is 95 kg too and I drop down up to 1,7 m !
Here you`ll find a video (18.09.2003 Video zur IFMA in Köln) where I use this wheelset.




I organized the German Muni & Trial Weekend on eastern this year. Friday - Monday.
On Monday evening played the Elekälaiset in my town.
But I was sooooo tired :frowning:
So I spent the evening on my sofa - damn :frowning:




Ruhrpott Unitrials

DANKE Moritz, passt wenigsten auf :slight_smile:

Good video. Especially that can crushing part.