If I get a new uni, when practicing it will get wrecked?

:astonished: :thinking: :angry: :frowning:
If i get my new nimbus and start practicing it will get wrecked in practicing and thats 340$ wasted…:frowning:

But im thinking if i just stick to the grass it would be better? what do u ppls think can u give me feedback and comments…:smiley:

the seat will mostly get beat up not rly the unicycle itself unless your like 10ft drops and other random stupid and dangerous awesome things unicyclists do:D :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

to some extent. m ake sure everything is tightened. and thats all you realy can do.
you handle, bumper, and pedals will get beat up. but dont worry about it. it happens.
get pedal protectors if you are really worried about it.
but get it. and riding on the grass is stupid idea cause it maeks it way harder. just get it and ride it.
handles are $10.
just get it and ride it and enjoy it. parts arent that bad and if you do good an mantanin g it you should be good for a long time

Yep. plus a most trials unicycles are pretty durable. It should be fine.

yeah, your not really gonna wreck it just practicing, maybe nicking the saddle and pedals, but everything should be fine… Really, unless your doing some serious trials and stuff, you shouldn’t damage anything on it neceserily

kk thanks, ive had my first uni for almost 2 yrs now so im getting that new NIMBUS Trials, I could take a pic of my saddle cause the leather is all ripped and the metal inside it is bent and is sticking out, the wire thing that protects when falling down is bent theres bits of long lieathers strips hangging out -aka- ITS DESTROYED. My pedals are a bit singed but thats fine