if i decide to sell my KH20

would anybody out there be interested if i sold my KH20? its been going though my mind and i thought i would see if there was any interest.it was’nt made in Taiwan so the price would be higher but at least theres one in stock at my house:)

i paid $900 now there like $930 or something,i will think about trade but i do need most of it in cash.parting it out is a possibility if looks good.

if you really get fed up and just never want to see the thing again, I’ll take it off your hands.


If you decide to part it out, I’d be interested in the crankset and/or frame.


I might also be interested in parts of your uni. now, how long have you had it?

i had it for just 5 months.

So Jagur, why would you want to see your KH 20 after owning it for such a short time?
Curious minds just want to know…


Oops, typo!

That should read: ‘why would you want to SELL your KH 20’ … some sort of Freudian slip for sure, on my part, as it is probably me who wants to SEE your KH uni!! LOL



its just another fork in the road so to speak,there have been a couple now.i am not a rich man,so when it comes time for a change i have to sell somthing to get somthing.

lets say i did,would you want the frame or cranks or both?what about the wheel and hub?

if you decide to sell your KH20

You know what, Jagur?

Don’t part it out!

You didn’t buy it in parts, did you?

Wait for it! Somebody (but not I) will buy the whole thing from you… put it on Ebay.

The sum of the separate parts is not equal to the wholesome completeness of the unified oneness.

Let the jackals howl at your door… but don’t trust them to eat all of the scraps.

Does this mean your getting a car? Or just stashing away for when Harper puts the Shift .5 hubs on the market? Either way Best of luck with things, and I hope this doesnt mean your fed up with trials so soon.

no im not getting a car,or giving up the wheel.

i woke up this morning knowing i was going to sell it,that part is decided.now ive just got to figure out how.i’d like to keep my seat and maybe the pedals.i sold the 29er that way and usally people like to choose those themselves anyway.

i dont have an e-bay account and i dont want one,and i allways buy my uni’s in parts.i like my uni’s put together my way not somebody elses way,4-cross mirrior image,pulling spokes on the inside,tube valve centered on the tire label etc. etc.

Collecting cash for Nihon? Jagur, I’m proud! I love you like the little brother we kept in the basement.


I’d probably want both or just the crankset. I want the crankset(cranks and hub) more than the frame. So, If anyone else wanted the frame they could have it.


maybe frame and post, maybe just frame.

5 months aint long for a uni… Iv had my pedals for 2 and a half…


ive decided it would be best to not tear the wheel apart,so its gonna be the whole wheel for sale if i part it out.im sure black spokes and a Alex dont sound like to bad of a tag along.

care to make an offer on the frame Max? Their $400 new and i ve had it for 5 months.what do ya think?

… does the picnic table come with it?:wink:

Ha Hah,you remember that thread!? No its my wife pinic table,i just hop on it and scrach it.although i werked that plot out before i ever got the KH20…

while im here let me say that any one is open to the KH20 at this point.im going to post a new thread tommorow or the next day officially announcing the sale of one sweet unicycle.

I guess I was thinking in a month or two, when I might have a job again (and money to buy it). I’m not sure what to say as to the value.