If and only If

Anyone know why Kevin McMullin (THE MAN) took if and only if off youtube?

Something about a copyright claim (due to the music) :frowning:
Edit: "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by a third party. "

Stupid youtube is removing so many in the past few months :frowning:
Even Krisz amazing rolling highjump was taken down… :frowning:

Vimeo FTW!

wow youtube is being gay

They took this down because of a music thing? Wow. :angry: BOYCOTT! No one use youtube ever again! VIMEO!!

Well when they get sued…
I’m to lazy to find more reasons and more people who tried to or did sue.


Now they just will mute the audio?

ehh… I hope so. I just want to see some kickass grinds.

yeah me too. Get the man to put out a new vid

Lol I hope he reads this.

yeah and goes and grinds a huge ass rail

Lately Youtube has been claiming at least one of my older videos ever couple days or so for music copyright issues. But now instead of removing the video, they are now just “muting” the entire video. It’s still searchable and viewable, but with no audio. You have the option of using “audioswap” to replace the music, but in my case, some of my videos also have comedy parts that are also muted, so that part sucks.:frowning: But still better than the whole video being removed, and they do have a pretty big selection in a variety of genres and you can also only pick from songs that are the same length as your video, so it will fit better.

Yea, and comes to Boston.:wink:

If and Only If. Awesome video.


I think it’s kinda stupid that companies have been pressuring youtube into doing this because I have come accross a lot of good bands using the site. Bands whose music I plan on purchasing.

I think switching to vimeo would be silly.
Fancy sites like that don’t work for everyone.

I like Youtube more than Vimeo.

And if everyone switches to Vimeo, then Vimeo will have that same problem…

I think the best solution is for everyone to just use creative commons licensed music.

Elaborate Puhlease :slight_smile:

Like you.:smiley:
I’m sorry you can’t use viemo Jackie, it is an awesome site!

Creative commons licensed music (and other digital content) is music that the author has deemed free to be used for any purpose. It basically means the author has given ownership of the piece to everyone in the world. It can be used in your videos, or even in the commercials of big companies airing on TV for free legally without having to pay the original author any royalties.

You can search creative commons music here: CC Search Portal Just go to the “Owl Music Search” and it lets you choose from any song you have (creative commons or not) and it will find a similar song for your to download that is creative commons. Direct link here: http://www.owlmm.com/?query_source=CC&license_type=cc&q=Enter%20search%20query

they removed the audio on my video right after i had uploaded it. I went to the file and changed the pitch of the audio and uploaded again.