Any tips on how to learn to idle? I need them David Riley

Re: idling

This might sound annoying, but practice, practice, practice it took me
awhile to learn to idle but I started by holding onto a bar and idling
back and forth then letting go every once in awhile. Then I’d ride and
stop and try to idle, also idle when mounting (just for backpedaling).
That’s about all I have to offer someone a little more experienced will
probably be able to give better details about body mechanics. Hope I was
to be of some use.


I have a trick that I use to teach people to idle:

When you’re riding in a straight line you need to focus on the point
in the pedal rotation where your foot simply pushes down. After you
push down, relax the foot and push down with the other. To idle,
you’re just going to keep the pressure on the same foot, like there’s
a huge brick on top.

Hope it helps you, Mike

>Any tips on how to learn to idle? I need them David Riley

Well, i am learning to idle at the minute, so i can only pass on to you
what i have learnt. I find that if i have my best foot down at the bottom,
that makes it easier. I thought it would be easier with the cranks
horizontal, but this just means i fall over. Then i hold onto something
nearby and just rock backwards and forwards until it fels good, then i
just let go and rock a few times, before holding on again. The more i do
it the better i get etc etc

Hope this helps a little