I’m new to unicyling and can only ride forwards. My main interest is juggling
and would love to be able to juggle while idling. I realise that I’m going to
have to learn how to idle first. I’ve tried rocking back and forth while holding
on to a chair etc. to get the feel of it, but I just don’t seem to be making any
progress. PLEASE HELP!

Re: Idling

Colman asked for tips on idling and on juggling while idling.

While riding forwards, stop while your dominant foot is on the upstroke and
pedal about 1/3 revolution backwards. Then start riding forwards again. Make a
habit of doing this several times every time you ride. When you can do this
reliably without falling off, increase that 1/3 revolution backwards to 1/3
revolution back, 1/3 revolution forwards and another 1/3 revolution back. Build
it up in that way.

Most people find it easier to juggle while riding forwards than when idling. Try
learning that first. When you start to get the hang of it, try juggling while
idling. The key is to get your juggling rhythm to match your idling rhythm - one
throw for each change of pedalling direction. You will almost certainly find it
easier to change your juggling rhythm than your idling rhythm.

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