I know this topic is discussed a lot but i have a couple of questions. Should I have a high tire pressure at maximum pressure that is on the side of the tire or less? also should I ride with the seat lower and my leg not almost fully extended when the pedal stroke is at the bottom?

Set both so they are comfortable. A rock hard or soft and squidgy tyre will make it more difficult. Go for the thumb and finger pinch test. If the tyre hardly deforms when you pinchi ti hard, it’s about right.

Set the seat at about the height you would have it for riding a bicycle - that is, your leg should be comfortably extended but not stretching at the bottom of the pedal stroke.

Both of these things will become less important as you develop your skill.

Key things:

Weight on seat.

Work the bottom pedal from about 5 to 7 (or 4 to 8) on the clock face.

Keep your head still and let the unicycle move under you.

Let the unicycle find its natural period of swing - don’t try to force it to idle too fast or too slowly.

Look at something in the distance.

Okay I appreciate the advice.

How long have you been idling?

Me? 15-20 years?