Idling with arms at side

Hi I’ve unicycled for many years, can ride backward, over curbs, idle both feet, idle one footed left and right, but still have a lot of trouble idling with my arms not moving at at my side. My arms tend to swing around, and I often have to correct my uni by making very sharp in-place turns when idling. Can someone give me some pointers about what I might be doing wrong?

Not practicing enough.

Okay, more detail. With practice, you will learn to minimize the need to move your arms around, until eventually you won’t need them at all. One way to practice this is by crossing your arms while idling, or while riding around. Try riding in circles and other shapes with your arms crossed. Or try sticking your hands in your back pockets and doing the same. Ultimately you will learn that it can all be done from the waist down.

Then you can start to add juggling, and again try to figure out why it’s so hard go juggle while idling! :slight_smile:

Relax and put ALL of your weight in the saddle. Keep it there. Remind yourself. What you describe is the classic response to a correction which is to stand on the pedals and then keep your weight there. ALWAYS keep ALL of your weight in the saddle.

I am actually able to juggle a bit on the uni (I am a good juggler) but not great because of my idling weakness. Good advice about the saddle. I notice that I idle a lot better one footed when I put all my weight on my saddle, but oddly never tried the same strategy with both feet on the pedals.

Just got a KH-20fl, but came with a defective seat post clamp, so I have to wait for another one. I am currently riding a very old semcycle 24".

I’ve been working on this lately, too. I thought I was getting pretty good at idling with either foot and then I tried juggling 3 balls while idling. I think I completed a flash once out of 10 tries. As you said, I wasn’t putting enough weight on the seat and I need to practice more. Just because you can idle well and juggle well, doesn’t mean you can do both at the same time… lol