Idling Problem

Okay, I know there have been tons of threads on idiling, but I have used the search and found a different problem. When I idle My left knee (i am a righty) feels as thought too much pressure is on it. Any ideas?

hmmm…leaning too far to the left?

since youre a righty your left leg is just probably not used to the exertion.

Well, when I mount I put my left foot on first. So I use it more when Iride.

is you left on the bottom. Rock your upper body with the motion of your bottom foot. As you get better the rocking of the top will be less and less.

you ought to learn to mount with both feet. it makes it much easier. most times i just jump on…

im pretty sure you just arent used to it.
when i first learned to ride going 100 feet totally exhausted me.

When I try to mount with my right foot i totally kill my balls… I dont get it

i have a hard time mounting with my right ( i am right handed). I just have to think more.:smiley:

ok 99% of everyting i have learned was from just going outside and riding… try that. it works way better… but another good way is to record ur self on video then see whats wrong…but just go and ride…

If you idle left leg down, that is where all the power comes from. The right leg in this mode is used for control and very little force is exerted with it. Do you idle left foot down?

I have the same issue. I think it’s because right leg is more powerful so you have less control of how much pressure you exert. The left is on the contrary weak so it’s easier to use low pressure on the pedal.
That’s just my observations of course…

When I teach someone to uni I tell him/her to use non-dominant foot to mount ; and it quite often works. :slight_smile:


i mount non-dominant foot on the pedal first. i idle with dominant foot down.

You must be putting too much pressure on that foot… that’ll cause your knee to hurt. As with most riding skills, when idling, it is important to put as much weight as possible on the seat.

You don’t need to put much pressure on the “down pedal” to idle. You don’t need any pressure on the up pedal to idle… the transition from idling to one-footed idling is quite easy once you’ve become comfortable with regular idling. Just keep practicing.

As for mounting with your “other foot”… it’s just a matter of practice. It’s a skill you should develop, so force yourself to try it every time you ride, at least once or twice.

Re: Idling Problem

When I learned to idle, I would adjust the weight on my saddle by
frequently putting a lot of weight on both pedals. While this helps
with forward-back balance, it is inefficient and tiring.

With practice, more and more weight can be left of the saddle,
reducing the forces required from both legs. The logical extension of
this is one-footed idling.

Hope that helps.

Yeah, i idle left foot down.

Question answered. You do all the work with that leg.