idling on a 29 in muni

Does anyone have experience iding on a 29 in muni? How did you learn?

Mike A.

I idle on my 29 muni now, but I learned to idle on my 24. learning on a 29 shouldn’t be too hard. You first practice riding, stopping, then riding away. Once you can do that, you add a half backwards pedal, then ride off. Once you can do that add a half forwards rotation. You see where this is going?

It then becomes a game to see how many you can do, it’s pretty slow at first, it might take a week of daily practicing until you can do 4 or 5 half revs. Stick with it and soon it will start to take off and you will be doing 30 or 40.

All it takes is twenty min a day of practice and much patience at the start.

It just takes some practice. I do it all the time now but could barely do it last year.

I wasn’t very good at it until I got a 36’er. After that the 29 seemed light and nimble.

Practice practice.

On a large wheel it is necessary to work with the natural cadence of the uni. Think of it as a pendulum

I first learned to idle on my 24" uni. After I got comfortable with that, I started trying it on my 29er with 125mm cranks. It took a while, but I got it. I still can’t do it for very long though. With a 29er, I have to pull up on the seat to get enough pedal power sometimes.

Why idle??? I thought muni was about SPEEEEEEED

I learned to idle first on a 20", then 24" finally my 29". I only idle if I can’t hop. Hopping is so much easier for me. I idle when carrying a 20 lb load or more of groceries, but I like to hop. Idling is only good if I have both hands occupied and can’t grab my seat. Someday I will learn to hop freehanded, but for now I like to hop to a stop at signals, stop signs, then hop in place

Also hopping takes a lot less room. Idling on a 29 er takes a fair amount of room.