Idling and Riding with the seat in the front...fml

Hey guys, ive been posting a lot lately on unicyclist forum so sorry but i have no unicyclist friends/acquaintance to personally ask ask…

lemme take the pleasure to show off what i have been able to do so far in 3 weeks and 5 days after getting my used uni :stuck_out_tongue:

free mount (75% of the time at least)
ride with somewhat sharp left and right “U” turns.
ride backwards like 2 revolutions and then eating it.
and riding off 3 steps (i feel like this is owning my torker lx…)
riding up and down a long semi steep hill.
bunny hoppy!

OK so the problem is the last 3 days, ive been mad practicing Idling and a little of seat in the front.
my question is, why is idling so hard!?
i can only rock once or twice and very rarely 3 times before needing to grab on the the rail. and it seems my wheel isnt rocking in a straight fashion either no matter how much i try and i seem to be falling to the right constantly.
is my weight distribution wrong? im putting like 90% on the straight leg and the rest on the seat. is my straight leg suppose to be “straight straight” or what? what about butt placement. any tips would be awesome. I would very much like to master to this so i can move on to better things XD

regarding riding with the seat in the front, i havent practice much but it i feel like i might be doing it all weird. it may be that my forearms are weak but when i have my seat out and holding onto the rail with my less dominante hand, its kind of very hard and i need much strength to stablilize the rackety seat. tips would be nice on this too.

You guys rock!
(i need to be able to rock soon too…)

btw, Spencer Hochberg goes to my school and i cant wait to meet him when the fall season starts :slight_smile:

I’ve only just learned both of these myself! Anyways here’s what I figured out that helped:

Idling took me just as long to learn as learning to ride the uni did in the first place - so don’t give up. Sounds like you’re doing it right. Just takes time.

SIF - just have one hand on the seat and use the other to stabilise. Focus on putting even pressure on the pedals, you need to be putting equal or nearly equal weight on both pedals all the way through the cycle. In other words you can’t ride like you normally would. When you do this there is far less work for your hand to do. With practice, this even weighting leads to the ability to ride ultimate wheels etc. :slight_smile:

Just two things that really helped me learn:

Idling: You have to use your hips, I had no idea how much you needed to ‘swivel’, once I got that down the rest came pretty quickly. However, it is one of the more difficult essential skills. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t get it straight away…but when you do, it helps riding so much! it even leads to backwards riding :slight_smile:

SIF: make sure your arm is very stiff and as close to your body as possible, when you get better you can loosen up a bit.

hey, I’m moving back in a week, we can go ride. There are some other riders on campus now too.

Awesome! im gonna go practice now haha

Regardless, it’s always fun to share things you wondering.
I think especially beginners have talent to ask simple questions that have difficult answers.
Like yours. It was recently more or less addressed in a thread named “Physics” of idling.

It needs specific timing, that needs confidence. Confidence required experience. Experience requires time and patience.
About having patience: it’s same like having balance: it works or it doesn’t, it’s 0 or 1; you only have to use it.
But to speed up / practise more efficient; think about what your doing:
unicycle riding is a constant fall. When you idle you do nothing else than changing the direction of that fall. You can not just do that, it requires your body be falling in the new direction. Then if you go to slow your body will be falling faster than your unicycle and cause a UPD, and if your unicycle goes faster than your body you will cause a UPD to. So you dose it by speed/strength.

Same like in figure skating it’s all no rocket-science, but you just have to realize what you’re doing (male approuch) or ride by intuitions (female approuch).

By this definition, unicycling is a path from male to female. Yeahhh…

I did not say that if you stop thinking your chromosomes will recover to the better fully redundant type (XX), if that is what you’ve made of it.

I was just saying things usually go better if you know what’s going on (the beta-type), though for some (the non-beta-type) the opposits count.

Generalizing I named the beta-type male, and the non-beta-type female. When -especially in figure-skating- you explain the physics of a skill from a to z, the non-beta-type may suddenly be not able anymore to execture it at all, while before she could.

yea i didnt fully understand what you were saying. but anyways, i was able to rock 4 times a couple times. woohoo. my wheel keeps on turning to the right. ill put more hip into it later tinite.

Wow thats so cool. I’m totally jealous.