Ok i have a buddy who is about to give up on Idleing i try to tell him wat to do but he cant do it the way i can so can ne one else give me some tips to give him so he can do it right

When i first learn to idle, i started out riding forward, then stop, rock back half a rev. and then go forward again. I keep repeating until i can rock twice, 3 times, 4 times, and now i can just keep doing it for as long as my legs can last… maybe around 30-40 times? i guess… :slight_smile:

And after that you’ll want to do it with the other foot too.:slight_smile: I didn’t learn both at once and now I find it really hard to practice my left foot.

When he tries idling what goes wrong? (describe what’s happening and I might be able to help)

Same here LOL i started on my left foot, and i can do quite well with it… Now my right seems like it’s disabled, can’t do much idleing… Right now i’m trying hard to “configure” my right leg to idle…

I can now idle pretty well. I learnt holding on to a washing line, although a gate of fence high enough to hold on to easily will do fine. I then started rocking back and forward trying to let go of the washing line. Eventually I was able to let go for some time and with enough time this is how I learnt.