I have been trying to idle for a few days, but i have been unsuccessful. Would somebody please tell me the proper way to idle and give me some tips. :thinking:

Put your weight on the seat, the one foot down, and rock back and forth to keep your balance. No real trick, just practice. Oh, don’t try to control it w/ your top foot:)


Try checking out, go to ‘Basic Riding’ and look at the tutorial video on idling. This helped me a lot. Oh yeah, this AND about 6 months of practice. It’s also easier on a smaller wheel. I can do it quite well on my 24 but not so well on my 29. A lot more inertia to overcome. Can’t overemphasize the weight on the seat thing either.

start doing roll back mounts. after you get comfortable with that. then try idling a couple times before riding off. be sure to keep your body straight up and arms out for balance. and at first you’ll have to twist your hips to keep side to side balance, eventually it’ll get easier and smoother.

I have found it helpful to have a rope stretched across my garage about chest high in front of me to steady myself. It will get easier. Hope this helps.

I’ve been having trouble with idling too. I suppose it’s harder with a 26er with 125’s but definitely not impossible, right? People are idling 36ers with short cranks out there, from what I’ve heard. That’s good advice about not trying to control it with the top foot. I think that’s pretty much what I do, so I’ve gotta go out and try it the other way, and with all my weight on the seat.