okay, i searched and everything i found didnt help so someone please help teach me how to idle!!
thanks to anyone who responds

So you searched, found this and IT DIDN’T HELP? Have you tried and find some videos? Here’s something that popped up in two seconds when I searched for it.

Idling – Idling is riding half revolutions forward and backwards repeatedly, effectively staying on the spot. Learning to idle may take quite a while and can be very frustrating, however it is an extremely important skill. Firstly, you will often find yourself in a situation where you’re riding and need to stop for some reason but want to stay on the unicycle. This is where idling is very useful. Secondly and possibly even more importantly, the coordination you develop in learning to idle is needed for many more advanced skills and will give you a much greater control of the unicycle.
In the “Learning the basics” chapter we have described “Rocking on the spot” while holding onto a support. In it, the cranks oscillate around the horizontal position. If this is done without support it is called “Horizontal Idling”. This is more difficult than normal idling, which involves oscillating the cranks around the vertical position.
To start learning (normal) idling, sit on the unicycle beside a support with the cranks horizontal. Hold on to your support with one or both hands. Lean slightly forward while keeping the wheel stationary for a little while. Then pedal forward for half a rotation, at the end of which you should be leaning slightly backward. Immediately after the forward half rotation, pedal a half rotation backwards, at the end of which you should be slightly leaning forward again, so you can rightaway start the next idling cycle.
Focus on using a pendulum motion as opposed to moving your whole body back and forth. That is, your body should ideally stay more or less in the same place, while the wheel “swings” forward and backward under you. Remember to keep your upper body straight and upright and to keep your weight on the seat. Your leading (or “strong”) foot should be on the bottom and move back and forth past the 6 o’clock position.
Try to maintain forwards/backwards balance by adjusting the timing and power of your pedal strokes, as opposed to pushing the support. It is OK to use the support for sideways balance for now, but try to push and pull as lightly as possible.
If you idle too slowly it will be more difficult to maintain balance. On a 20" wheel the idling frequency should be about 1 per second, on a 24" wheel it is usually somewhat less.
Now it’s time to leave your support. Ride forwards in the open, not too fast. Slow down while leaning back, throw in one half revolution backwards, during which you should regain your forward lean. Then continue riding forward. Repeat.
If you are somewhat solid at throwing in single idles, try inserting two idling cycles at once, then three, etc.
The greatest difficulty is usually found in controlling the side to side balance. Focus on keeping the unicycle under you rather than you staying on top of the uni. If you find yourself leaning too far to the right, you must move the wheel to the right to keep it underneath you. To do this, twist your lower body to the right as the wheel rolls forward and to the left as the wheel rolls backwards. That way, you turn the whole unicycle by the seat.

If this doesn’t help, sorry…just practice. You might learn something cool you weren’t even trying to learn. Good Luck!