Idle or just ride backwards?

Ok, im still learning the basics and im wondering if i should try to learn to idle or just to ride backwards first?

just start on both.

they help each other.

i learned to ride backwards first, when that became consistent i pretty much knew how to idle.

I worked on going a full rotation around, then changing forward to back. . . kinda a huge idle. . . sort of. That way you can focus on the transition, and you’re not going backwards so long that it throws you off completely. I could idle before I could go backwards for any distance though.

i tried backwards first, couldnt do it at all after like a week of trying. then i learned to idle and got backwards the next day…so it helped for me!

I learned backwards first… took me forever to learn to idle. I think if you learn to idle first though it should help your backwards riding come faster.

Learn to ride backwards for about 5m then start leearning to idle then take turns practising both to keep you entertained.

But i would recommend learning to ride backwards 5meters before anything

I have been ‘chipping away’ at both. So far I have managed to idle 3 or 4 revs and ride backward about 2 or 3 revolutions at most. They have not come easy to me but I am making slow progress. I don’t spend a lot of time trying to learn these skills but reserve them for when I only have a few minutes to screw around in the driveway or while waiting for hard drives to back up at work. I kind of figure that if I keep making small efforts it eventually will click but I think that idling and backward riding are going to come together.

Some people don’t believe in idles. Others say that idle hands are the devil’s playthings.

I learned to idle. I still can’t ride backwards. Maybe just 2 or 3 revs is all. I think idling is more useful in day to day riding situations. I’m very right foot dominant though and can’t idle left foot down:(. I need to work on left foot stuff.

I learnt to idle first, because I figured that would help with the transition. but as said before, the both help each other.