Idle on a Coker writes:
>As for the juggling: can anyone out there idle a Coker, coz I can’t
>even begin to see how I’d start. I can stop it under control, but the
>slightest back pedal sends the Coker kicking out behind me and there’s
>no way I can stop it. Any advice on Coker idling would be gratefully

Idling on a Coker is very possible, but I don’t do it bc I have 110s (4.3"
cranks) that make it even harder. My brother, however, uses 110s and idles
all the time, damn him. I just grab a post.

With 6" cranks it’s much easier. The thing is, you have to hone your
balance so that you aren’t wasting lots of energy trying to stay straight;
if you lean too far left or right, it’s harder to correct on a Coker than
on a smaller wheel. I can do it with larger cranks. And I can sometimes do
it with the shorter ones, but then every so often, it’ll shoot out behind
me, and that’s no fun, so I don’t bother anymore.

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