Idle 29 or 36"

Could someone point me to a link with a video of idling either a 29" or 36" wheel.

I have links to idling 20" wheel so no need to post them…

Yup I can idle my 20" no sweat. Just can’t seem to do it on my 29"


It’s harder on bigger wheels, because the response is slower due to the size of it.

I’ve seen a video of Jeff Lutkus idling a Coker and Tom Blackwood took a video of me idling a Coker. But seeing is not feeling. When you see these bigger wheels idling what you notice is how slowly they seem to rotate, as Triball suggests. If you’re trying to go from idling on a 20" wheel to idling on a 29" wheel try slowing down a lot. Also, try a super idle first. That’s when you make full wheel revolutions forward and backward rather than half wheel revolutions.

I can idle my 29er but no dice on my 36er

There is a very important difference of emphasis.

On a 20, you can dictate the rate of idle, within certain limits. The leverage on a small wheel is such that you can stomp on the pedal and be sure that you will be able to control the resultant usptroke a moment later.

On a larger wheel, you have to be gentle with your input, and time your pedal stroke to match the natural rhythm of the unicycle. Think of it as a pendulum: it will swing at a given rate. Try to fight it and you are doomed to lose.

Idling a Coker is like riding a short distance forwards and backwards between two points. It is a very short journey with a start, and a controlled stop.

A lot of it is in the head.

Me too

What Mike said.

…except that there’s not much point to idling a coker. When waiting for stoplights, I find it to be more energy efficient to practice still-standing with small correctional hops. …or hold on to a sign!

If you can idle, it improves your mounting, your controlled stopping, your slow speed manouevring, and your general confidence. And it’s a beautiful movement too, dancing with Newton.

That’s great! :slight_smile:

Not my own. I think the original was “Dancing with gravity in Newton’s ballroom,” or something similar.

I have a 26 and 36. I can idle the 26 but I am just starting to come to a complete stop on the 36. I would practice it if mounting wasn’t so tiring. When I get onthe 36 I take off and am thankful!

Not that I disagree, but still-standing has all those same benefits!

Not only that, but bystanders are VERY impressed with it.

I bet Morris gets envious.

Video of 36 idling

Does anyone have video or link to video of a 36" idling

i remember seeing one on youtube awhile ago but i can’t seem to find it, and diling a bigger wheel takes some time to master, it took me about 10 min of practicing(i learn easily)it’s p[retty squirrly :roll_eyes:

I’m sorry, I have no link but I have seen a video of Harper idling a coker. Perhaps you could look in his galleryl

Doesn’t look like people idle a coker

Idling on a coker doesn’t look fun.

My 29" is starting to look small and simple for idling

It won’t work on this computer. It looked a bit scary when I saw it, if it’s the same that I saw about a year ago. Definately looked more like riding forward then backward than idling.

Practicing w/ really short cranks on your 29, or really long on your 36 would prob help.

I can idle my 36, and I have to say that it’s really not easy enough to be useful at all. It’s too difficult and error prone (like if you hit the teensiest bump, you’re down or flailing to stay up) to be practical at stop lights and intersections, etc, and at the rear, sometimes it takes so much force to accelerate forwards that I find myself pulling up on my T7 to mash my front foot harder on its pedal. I have 125 cranks; with 150s I imagine it’d be much easier, but I still think it’s easier to do slight hops, if only because of the fact that you don’t roll anywhere in order to stay upright. Whenever I come to an intersection, I just hope once every few seconds before I start to fall, and I always stay within a 6-inch to 1-foot square, whereas, idling, I’d take up loads of front/back room, and corrections would probably send me sprawling into traffic to the left or right. :stuck_out_tongue: