Identify this Tire (Tyre)?


I was browsing over at the UK site and I found this tire (tyre):

It seems to be the one they put on their Numbus II Freestyle Unicycles:

Can anybody identify this tire (tyre)? It seems pretty cool, clocking in at 2.25, or so they claim. I’d love to be able to learn more about it or check it out at a manufacturer’s site, etc.



the tyre you are talking about is the standard in the Nimbus II available from Roger at and it is 24 x 2.125 and is made by Cheng Shin of Tiawan, at least that what is says on the sidewall.

It is a very grippy tyre with low rolling resistance and a pretty stiff sidewall with nylon reinforcement



So the actual name of the Tire is ALSO “Nimbus II”, just like the frame is “Nimbus II”? Or was I assuming that was a Nimbus II frame? I didn’t look close. I just want to make sure.

Is this only possible to order from Unicycle.UK.Com? It looks like a very cool tire. Do you have it? Do you like it?


We (my son and I) have two, a 20” and a 24” that came on our Nimbus II’s , they are made by Cheng Shin in Taiwan. Neither is on our unicycles at the moment, not because they are bad on the contrary they are good road/freestyle tyres but I have a Gazz and my son has a Max Daddy ‘cause I like MUni and my son likes MUni/trials. Every time I see them sitting there alone it seems a shame not to use them, maybe I should buy a couple of uni’s to go with them.


[sp]Ok, I’m going to sleep now -but first:

I’m convinced that the 3"+ tyre Jagur pointed out on a down hill bike is actualy a motorcycle tyre. This lead me to a wild ride searching for custom moto tyres… which inconviently don’t use the same measurement system as my simple brain. Anyway, eventualy I discovered that vintage motorcycles were, of coarse, very simmilar to vintage bikes… and so were their tyres!

Anyway, long story short, this brought me back to Coker. I’m still hunting, but check this out in the meanwhile:

Same tread as the 36" tyre. Find it here:

Fat-Psudo-Slick Action

That’s 24 x 2.25. [/sp]



That tire looks really meaty!

Even though the Nimbus II Tire is supposedly 24" x 2.25" also, that one looks much bigger. It would be neat to order one of each and try to get them on my United Trainer. My United has the Sun Rhynolite (sp?) rim, I think, and it currently has the Kenda 2.125 on it … it could probably work with either of those.

Wanna give it a shot?

WAIT!!! $125 for that Coker tire? Jeez. It is still tempting. :slight_smile:

I guess we will talk tomorrow. You goin’ to Gonzo tomorrow?


that tire may be 24 by 2.25 but the air volume look way bigger than any 24 i’ve seen,(fireball excluded).

who’s gonna pay to find out?the red skin wall looks like better quality than the 36 inch Coker tire,maybe that adds to the price?

I imagine that since Cheng shin are one of the worlds largest tyre manufacturers (top ten i think) the you could get the tyre elsewhere It is not called a Nimbus II tyre its only fitted to a Nimbus II uni

I have a 3" Gazz on now but when i was riding it , it was a nice tyre . I dont have alot of experience it was quite grippy on the smooth surfaces. I suspect it is quite a soft compound due to the mess it made on the patio. (hence the grip)

Worth the price @

If I rode road Its what id ride.


Re: Identify this Tire (Tyre)?

I’ve been noseying around for fat tyres that don’t have a tread on that I
might put on my 26".

anyone looking for big fat 26" tyres might want to look at a Schwalbe “Big
Apple” 26x2.35" (60-535) which as far as I can find out is the biggest
fattest 26" almost slick that you can get. Intense are apparently doing
semi-slick dh tyres soon though. There’s a version on sale now in 60-622
which is 29"x2.35", an absolutely massive 29" slick.

Available in germany definately, 26" in the uk, can’t find the 700c/29" one

They cost 25-30 euros (about £17-£20)


Re: Re: Identify this Tire (Tyre)?

[sp]26 x 3 white walled, baby!

Ahh… don’t look at the price.

There is also a 28 x 3 and 28 x 2.5… for a bit more than 30 Euros…

Check out this page:

Coker Vintage Car/Motorcycle Tyres



Re: Identify this Tire (Tyre)?

“rhysling” <> wrote in message
> [image:]
> [sp]26 x 3 white walled, baby!
> Ahh… don’t look at the price.
ouch. I don’t think I want one that much.

oh yeah, while everyone’s suggesting these coker tyres, is motorcycle
26"/24" the same as bike 26"/24" and do they use similar rim constructions
like will they actually hook on to a (probably narrower) bike rim right?


Joe Marshall wrote:

…is motorcycle 26"/24" the same as bike 26"/24"…quote]

Motorcycles use a different measuring system that I believe is based on rim size so it’s easier to see if it will fit if you know your rim size (more like cars). Whether a particular motorcycle tyre fits on a bike rim is probably a case of just trying it but they are usually quite heavy compared to a pedal cycle tyre so would you really like to ride such a heavy tyre on a unicycle? I’m not sure I would even if it did look good.