Identify this rider

I was looking at entering a local charity cycle ride and found this page with an image of a unicycle rider complete with 36er.

probably an English dude as the event is basically national. Does anyone know who this is?

I feel like that might be the guy who rode in that nude cycle parade. He posted some pictures here a while back…

I could be mistaken though.

You’re thinking of Kit (mrboogiejuice). I can see why, but it doesn’t look quite enough like him or his unicycle to convince me. The only other N36 rider I knew with dreads though came from Canada and has since had them cut short :slight_smile:


Hmm, yeah Eric does have them cut… I guess he is just an unknown 36er, which is good because it means our sport is growing!

yep that’s kit.

And here he is doing the Mac bikeathon in 2006

And here Kit is on top of Snowdon.

Hooray, it’s a Kitastic thread!


He’s not the only rider to have ridden the Chester Bikethon on a unicycle though - I have ridden it for the last 2 years (once on my 36er and once on my 29er)

Dunno, but he looks proper dodgy to me.

Yeah thats what I thought but now you have convinced me - that shady character is probably wheeling it away pretending he is the owner. Bet he’s never ridden a unicycle in his life :roll_eyes:
You just can’t trust people these days :wink:

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Way too many clothes, Kit. Lighten the load a bit next time. You’ll be much faster.

If you look really close a the guy on the right of the photo in the green/yellow overalls, you can see that he’s even more shady than you might have thought! (Chester Bikethon 2007)

IMG_1498 small.jpg

Jeez! That cats not Kit is it? :slight_smile: What a master of disguise :smiley:

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Yep. And the boy spinning the plate is my son Sam.

Brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘weight weenie’.