Identifcation on the trail...

When ppl stop me on the trail and ask questions I usually tell them to look on youtube for my videos. But most of the time they proabably forget how to find them, even though I say search “UniGeezer”. So now I just hand these out lol!:smiley: I know it looks kinda cheesy and I just threw it together on my laptop last night, and printed out a couple card sheets.


Nice one terry! lol. Looks alright. Terry Peterson: extreme unicyclist! Dun DUN DUN. hehe

Only you would think of that :roll_eyes:

What happens when you turn 53?

you should put an ad on the back of it for Accurate Piano Tuning.

New batch I guess.:smiley:

Here’s my regular biz card:


You should print some back to back. You never know who might leave the card on the kitchen table and his or her spouse might see the other side and realize their piano is out of tune.

I thought this thread was going for us to post pics of all the critters we spot out on the trail.

I thought, “What a great topic for a thread. I’ll be taking my camera on all muni rides now.”

Yes, I was disappointed. When I get over it I’ll go back and read. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha no, that’s another thread I made called, “Catch of the day” in JC. "Catch of the day"

Mwuhahaha… now i know both your phone number AND email address… evil laugh

Lol, yeah, and about 3,000 others… well, piano clients haha!:smiley:

I agree with This Guy I Know…

You should put something on the back mentioning your occupation. Even if you didn’t need the business it might bring, think about the interesting dinner conversations.

“Honey, I bumped into UniGeezer on the trails. Did you know that extreme unicyclist is a PIANO tuner?”

Or should she have said that the piano tuner is an extreme unicyclist? :wink:
You’d be the topic of the day.

I see the proper thread in JC for the critters. I’ll just have to get a nice shot of something special. The extra special things we have in Florida from a distance though. :astonished:

I can’t do it with the card stock I have as the back is slick and ink smears on it.
They are nice cards though, and “clean edge” so they break apart cleanly and 10 to a page.

I did start using a professional print company to make my biz cards 1,000 for $39.95! Great deal and excellent quality, so I might have them make me another 1,000 double-sided. :slight_smile:

I got a 1k double sided full color for $28 at - totally custom design as well.

My suggestion: Make up your own website that explains:

  1. Where to buy a unicycle
  2. What kind of unicycle a beginner should buy
  3. How to learn to ride a unicycle
    Then refer to that URL on the card as well.

I realize that all that information is on THIS website, but it’s sort of scattered about- a single 1-page long link that showed that info would be helpful.

Hah thats cool, the extreme in italics kind of reminds me of POWER THIRST

I’ve actualy been thinking of doing the same thing, because almost every time I go out riding I meet someone new who either knows how to ride, or wants to learn or something of the sort and I tell them to check out our facebook club or Canadian unicycling dot com but its never quite enough. coming soon. Dvd sales, My own logo shirts and hats, mugs, my new uni-book coming out, pics, trivia, unusual uni-related stories, etc.:smiley:

You could make double sided business cards with the Piano bus. on one side and Uni geezer on the other

You really have registered the domain, thats cool. If you need any help building the website let me know. I helped Spencer quite a bit while he built

Shouldn’t you prioritize and get a site for your piano tuning business first? :stuck_out_tongue: