I am looking for more skills I can work on on my uni this winter in my basement.
I have very limited space. (I have just enough space to ride a pretty tight
circle.) Since October 1 I have been in by basement working on uni skills and
have learned:

  1. Idling with either foot
  2. Double idling
  3. Hopping (I can hop as long as I want and turn in a circle also, but I can’t
    hop very high.)
  4. Learned to mount with left foot
  5. Learned to mount into an idle with either foot
  6. Juggling while idling (still working on this, but I have done over 250
    catches with 3 clubs so far. I have even started working on some double
    throws and tricks.)
  7. Riding backwards, (I am limited to about 20 feet of space here, but can do
    this distance pretty reliably.)

So, what is next? I am starting to get bored and need new ideas. What other
skills can I work on?

PS. I got my first uni in January of 94 and learned to ride it in my basement.
January 95 will be 1 year of uni riding for me. I have had lot’s of fun with
it this past year.

Andy Arhelger