ideas for "unicycle park"

Our deck is going to be replaced soon which means that we will have a lot of lumber from the old one. I wanted some suggestions on what to build as a “unicycle park”. I am an interment rider so I can’t have anything that hard to do but a challenge is always good. I have a large back yard so space shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Any ideas on what to build? Images or details would help a lot.


Teeter totters/see-saws are fun, and easy depending on how high you make them.

Ramps going up and down are good, with turns…

Just take a look at this thread there is many good ideas
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Thank you. And let’s not forget the trials building section of

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funboxs, banks, ledges, curbs, flatrails, pyramide. Be creative.

yer i have got a well good idea make it like ours


here is some more of it


nd here is da rest. i fink. its good!!!