Ideas for these domains

I have registered a lot of domains which I found with Popular Domains due
to their link popularity, but a domain holder page that I use is not
making me too much, so I am trying to come up with some uses for these
names. Any ideas? Also, if someone wants to buy or trade one of the names,
let me know. Here is the list:–


I don’t know how to “break this” to you without “bursting” your entrepreneurial - spirit bubble…but - some of these domain names you listed are: 1. misspelled; 2. don’t include or start with important keywords for search engines/hits; 3. hyphens in names where it’s not all that advantageous (search spiders, etc.); 4. meaningless and therefore useless for much of anything, except a project of your own, in which you specifically want to market that particular name/term for your own business/project.
I can’t see their “link popularity”, myself. Maybe I’m missing something.
I CAN see why you’re parking page is not offering you any results. Try a search engine next time you want to register names. Use relevant, good keywords and domain expiration database lists.
Marketing,advertising & promotion of domains &/or sites IS definitely a skill and a learned art! It takes a lot of brainpower.
Best of Luck.