Ideas for next possible t-shirts?

Now that one shirt has seemed to garner so much attention and controversy, maybe we can do something with all the energy: if the makers of the finely drawn (if not admired for substance at least admire the quality) t-shirts were to take great ideas for shirts, maybe we can get together on some designs? Or at least speak out about some cool shirt you’d like to see, and maybe it will happen. Who knows? Keeping with the comic theme that looks so sweet, I’m going to suggest two:
One would be called Trials By Error, and focus on a guy falling smack down to the ground, with his unicycle flying out.
The other could be of a ninja, sitting cross-legged on top the unicycle, with the words, Achieve Total Balance. If not a ninja, then somebody meditating. Any thoughts?

Another idea, which wouldn’t be illustrated, would be this: everyone right click on the logo, and make it your wallpaper. tiled. It should reapeat over and over, all over the desktop. Now tell me that wouldn’t look cool on a nice button-up shirt?

make green E.C.U (elite combat unicyclists) tees…they have an awesome logo…


How about the classic homosapiens evolution:
non-pedal bike -> PennyFarthing->modern-style bike->10-speed->mountain-bike->muni

Give blood, muni.

MUnicycler to mountainbiker: “They make them with two wheels now?”

I lost the other half!

(Stick-ish figures) Geeky guy + uni + mountain = muni guy

I’ll think of others… T-shirt design is fun… I haven’t done any uni shirts yet… my best two designs so far are “Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?” And a picture of Yoda with “WWYD?” underneath :wink:

I like some of the shirts (twice the man to ride half the bike), I just find the company advertising on the back too, well, annoying. The Mountain-dew Muni shirt is cool, and the Canadian uni shirt too.

Canada uni!?
I’ve never seen that one!
what does it look like?

Only 15$ free shipping.

I dont have that color except in extra large.

Colors: Black shirt with Red print
White shirt with red print
Blue shirt with red print

Email me with your adress, telling me what size and color you want, and then send me a check. wicked easy.

Word up.

Ok what does that logo mean?
Sheep knee snoopy kill?
Ewe Leg Charlie brown kill?

I did see something where there were primates gradually standing further upright and finally it had Kris Holm (I think) with his muni over his shoulder. It looked fantastic, although I’m not sure if it was a T or just a pic. That would be great on a t-shirt!

I know this can’t really be a home grown project, but I’d like to see Ts with ‘Kris Holm Unicycles’ or ‘Onza Unicycles’ etc etc on the front, that would be cool!

Guys that is WAY too cliche!
make a green tee-shirt with the logo at the top-right of this webpage:

If the E.C.U. shirt were made, I would order it and have it sent to Iraq as soon as it were announced. Somebody with the capabilities, I wear a medium, and I have a check ready.

same here! I would buy them no questions asked…

1- they’re green (I almost only wear green things)
2- they’re awesome!

1+2= make E.C.U tees!

Not sure if you’re joking or not but it’s:

Ewe (it says right on it, it means a female sheep) - Knee - Sigh - Kill

Ewe - knee - sigh - kill

U - ni - cy - cle


Awsome shirt in my opinion. Can you get in black with white, or a smaller blue with white? I saw someone else selling those too. I think he was the guy who was making them (I think). If you don’t have those colors could you point me too him?

David shirt is the shiznit! That and my “Jack Hughes” shirt are my 2 favorite shirts. The only problem is that whenverr a stranger sees the shirt they tell me to hold still and don’t get it. Still, that shirt is the bomb!

How’s about a picture of a biker with the caption “Are You in the circus?!” Just an idea.

Is it just me or people on this forum just way too sensitive.

I am sure the ideas so foar are just way too cotroversial and will ultimately cause this thread to be 40 pages of whining.

BUC 11, i have mine…


yea i like the t-shirt

another idea would be the “It takes twice the man to ride half the bike” quote with a picture of a unicycle under it and have it in a color other than white ( me and white dont go together due to staining)


Sigh, my best ideas are always already taken (Velcro was mine too ;););))
TheDan’s shirt looks pretty cool, and that ECU website is awesome.
My only prob with the 2xMan + .5 bike shirt is that its already been done, and I hate ripping off other people’s work… I just wish offered it without the massive ad on the back, just as a straight shirt.

Murde Mental, the Canada Uni shirt is found on here:
I think Dan Heaton wore one in Universe 2, maybe it was someone else…

While it is kind of stupid, it would be sweet to have a t-shirt with like a monkey on rollerblades, a pre-homosapiens man on a skateboard, another pre-homo sapiens man on a bmx or one of those scooters, maybe another on a trials bike or something, and then a modern man on a uni. If there’s a good artist out there I’d buy that for sure. Just because, come on, it’s pretty sweet.

Or maybe just the monkey on rollerblades, with a caption like, “Rollerblades are inferior!” or something. You know, to piss off the rollerbladers. Wait, I guess that wouldn’t really have anything to do with unicycling… but you know it would sell… rollerbladers, what are they thinking with those things…

I think that someone (Tommi) should make T-shirts of the infamous “The Unicycle Factory” comic strips…if its not allready been done yet. I got to thinking about the Unicycle Factory cuz when someone mentioned the thing about the evolution of unicycles, I instantly thought of the Unicycle Factory comic strip I think titled, “Evolution of a Unicyclist” where it shows maybe its Tommi but i’m not sure a little boy on a tricycle, then on a bicycle, then on a standard unicycle, then on a very tall giraffe unicycle, then in a wheel-chair with a cast on (or to that effect) hahaha

Kraze, would you please post those T-shirt ideas and other product ideas that I private messaged to you (if you still have them). Thanks. just to let you know guys they’re pretty lame hahaa.

I think that almost any cover to any decent unicycling movie that’s been made would make a good T-shirt design. I know there will be T-shirts for my movie…and maybe beer-bottle-openers for john childs and earings for me, oh, wait, no, that should read that i just want to go shopping for earing at the mall, the ones that flash the led different colors

I also think they should make T-shirts of the various adds that has put out if they haven’t done so yet. by the way I would like to be on a T-shirt…hehe

this is probably totally irrelevant, but I still have the miniscule design that I sketched out for my retainer…my orthodontist was letting his patients put a little logo or design next to their name on their top retainer along with getting to pick out its color…but that’s before he got CHEAP!!! ugghh!!! no fair! i could have sold that retainer on e-bay for some big bucks.