ideas for new tricks

i tried it
it doesn’t work(you can’t bend over that far)
FS tire grabs look the best
but if you are watching as a unicyclist, backsides are sick as well, and “pedal grabs” are sorta cool, but much harder :slight_smile:

It is possible to grab the bottom of the tire if you are sif.

I’ll try it this week end with Kapoute, but, I don’t even know if I can land a table top, completely horizontal…



NOOOOO !!! You have a girlfriend !!! You just broke all my dreams of living a Fairy Tale life life with you, Shaun my knight !

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EDIT : EDIT : 69th post :wink:

360 body variels. Has anyone hit one?

shaun has but he won’t prove it :wink:

I would like to see(off a ledge or stairs or something) a 180 late 180 unispin, seat in to out.

I’d like to see Shaun do a hick-rev… :roll_eyes:

trey double rev :sunglasses:

yoggi did it

I don’t think Yoggi did that, some other French dude did it.
Someone shoulc lokk it up :roll_eyes: