ideas for new tricks

Do a seat push (opposite of seat drag) and build up lots of speed and ride towards something fixed (a gutter) then hit the gutter so the unicycle wheel flies up and over the gutter but the seat stays on the gutter,when the wheel lands on the other side of the gutter you ride off into the sunset.

Dan i thought you were actually gonna flip.
You put your hands out at the last second

i think like a uni cart wheel thing would be cool.
like just ride then hop into a onr armed cartwheel and then land it.
would be shuweet.
k bye

this is a hell of a new trick!!

as if man, kbye is my word hehe
i always say it

Handstand wheel walk :smiley:

Wouldn’t that be easier on an ultimate wheel? You wouldn’t have to worry about the seat, at least…

I’m pretty sure B. Stevens has done that. Oh, wait, no. I just watched the video again and he does a “BC spin”, with his hands instead of just feet.

Yeah it is really easy with your hands, a real shuv it is very hard. I don’t think anyone has done it rolling. I have seen bryan do something similar but he was stopped when he spun it so its not the same thing. The spinning wheel is what makes it hard.

it looke like the room was full of smoke.

didnt skate4flip do it? I have never seen bryan though

Skate4flip did it static to rolling.

Yeah, as a mount. He stepped on, did a shuv it and then rolled away. It only gets really hard when the wheel is moving, then its like a gyro.

thats not a trick, especially since you can’t seem to do it without the wall.
i can do that while keeping my foot on the pedal.

It looked like it was dark when they shot it so they tried to lighten it up later. If it was filled with smoke then I think it would explain a lot about that video;)


well, here is a REAL attempt at a fronflip:

I have yet to do a full rolling one but i have done one static to static, static to rolling, and i stuck one rolling to rolling (like i rolled, did a shov-it IN THE AIR, landed on both plates, but then fell off afterward). I have the clip if anyone wants to see it. Ive been wanting to try it again but ive been busy and right now its like 5ºF and there is 3-4 inches of snow on the ground.

I’ve got this idea last week…

Off a ledge, someone do a table (or maybe table top idk), then grab the lowest part of the tire, like… a side tire grab !

And, for Shaun, quadruple flip and 900 unispin :roll_eyes:


lol, that was funny. haha. Ok, i’ll get right on that. lol

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. I forgot i’m on my girlfriend’s account.