ideas for new tricks


This is a place to post what new tricks you guys would like to see. I guess just post tricks that seem really hard to give some people a chance to bust. I think this thread could give people some ideas/new tricks for vids and showcase new skills.It could also just be a place to talk(dream)about crazy tricks. If you can answer someone’s challenge than post a vid. If you can’t, than post something that you would like to see.

I think it would be awesome for someone to 360 into a grind

another would be an inward bigspin(360 unispin with a 180 body variel in the opposite direction of the unispin)

mine would be you ride with seat on the ground then go to ww

BACKFLIP definately. Jump off a ledge and it could be done. If anyone is going to try this (and i am not suggesting it) videotape it and post it (even/especialy if you crash)

another might be where you make it where your seats on the ground and your on the wheel which is up

im working on the backflip right now, i can kinda do it on the trampoline, and hen summer gets here im going to learn it inot water and then off of a ledge to ground. i can already do it on flat ground without the uni, but i know it’s possilbe and i will do it.

I think roll-footing for like, 20 feet would be awesome!


that is poetry! Make sure you film it!!!

Here is something that I was thinking of the other day.

(sorry, I don’t know names of stuff… )

I have seen videos where someone jumps up onto like a picnic table with the pedal, and then throws the frame around to make the seat go in a circle.

I bet some of y’all could maybe jump high enough to do that in the middle of a jump… :wink:

(maybe it doesn’t work cuz you need to pull the frame to get the wheel that high?)


It’s called a Seat Whip…

Dan Heaton has already tried to do what you’re talking about, unsuccessfully, unfortunately…


I want to see someone coast down a hill, 360 hop up onto a grind-rail, and grind for say, thirty feet, all without ever touching their pedals.

Inward Bigspin I did in the bonus part of Ill if you’ld like to go there and see it. It’s not too hard. Um, air whip would be sick, but yeah. I like this thread if anybody posts flips I’ll be glad to read and try them. I’ll be back here.

-Shaun Johanneson

Ya you were definitly in mind when I was writing this thread because of all the tricks you’ve landed first. I really want to see a 360 into a grind though. That would be sick.

As far as flip tricks go, I’d love to see-

trey double flip :astonished:
donkey kick double:D
trey donkey kick :sunglasses:
fakie variel flip :astonished:

You can do anything, Shaun


i thought of this the other day but figured there was no chance of ever landing it. ride and jump off a ledge then jump off the pedals and in the air kick the tire so it does a revoulution then land back on the pedals

ive been working on 180s to 1foot backwards pedal, with little success. id like to try seatwhip whille in a pedal grind on a big ass hubba.


bc pop shove it

uw crankflip

Fakievarial, i’ve kicked around, really tough. Trey double, close, it would happen down a little drop. Donkey double, off something yes, trey donkey kick not really for me right now. lol. I’ve got a cool idea for a few tricks (one right now, haha i’ll get more). hmmm. wait no two tricks. But weather is really bad. Someone will probably hit some of the tricks before me. haha. oh well

-Shaun Johanneson

Eh, shaun, learn a real seat whip.

i have tried a frontflip, it is so much more technical than you will ever imagine, the only people I actually BELIEVE when they say they have tried it are me and jerrick, everyone else, prove it… BEFORE you say anything

i have one that would be FREAKING INSANE, a crankflip, kicked backwards to a backcrankflip, land and ride away
it is possible
try it :slight_smile:

also, one that is stupidly hard, jump off the uni, get it horizontal in the air (no footer), land back on the uni… good luck w/ that one
i have gotten so that my feet hit the ground at the same time as the wheel, but any better than that is extremely hard
that took a week of practice to get.

donkey kick with body varial. yea :astonished: