Ideas for my NAUCC 2003 video?

I brought home almost 9 hours of VHF from the Twin Cities. It’s about 65% from the 1st 2 days in the gym and the rest is the 2 days at the track. I wish I had MUni,trials,10K,parade,Flaming puck hockey,etc,etc.

I am still watching it a lot. My fav part is the track coasting.
I would like to share it with others. It’s really hard to give someone a 9 hr. tape (even if they are uni-freaks!). I would like to make a shorter version, but don’t have a clue how to. I also don’t have much spare time as I’m trying to get back into the Coker distance thing.


  1. Would anyone like a copy? I’m not trying to steal business away from
    the sales of the official video that isn’t out yet. I just want to share
    and not lose any money.

  2. Would anyone like to edit it down for me? Maybe I could work out a
    trade for their time spent.

  3. Any other suggestions,comments,questions?

  4. I had a GREAT time there!


I would be willing to convert part of the video to AVI (DivX) videos. I don’t have to tools to do full scale video editing, but I can capture parts of the video to AVI format with minimal editing.

Capturing all 9 hours would be way time consuming, but I can do parts of it. If others want to collaborate we could divvy up the work. We would probably end up with a CD or two or three worth of AVI video chunks.

Mostly I want to get video of me finishing the ultimate wheel race. :slight_smile:

I’m assuming that you’ve got an analog video tape and it’s not a digital video format.

sure i’ll buy a copy.PM me your address and what you think its worth.

Anyone want a copy?

I’m kinda surprised I got such few replies. Maybe I wasn’t very clear that I want to SHARE copies, not SELL them.
I cut it down to 7:45 hrs, so the tapes only cost about 2 bucks each. I will start shipping this week,so send me your address now. In the continental US it will cost me about 5 bucks total to send to you. If you don’t have 5 bucks and want one, send me a sad story and maybe I’ll ship you one anyhow. If you already sent me more that 5 bucks, I’ll send an extra copy. If you don’t want to give me your address, let me know the address of your public library and I’ll donate a copy to them. Feel free to duplicate, edit, or record over after viewing.

I know it’s poor quality tape with ugly splices & subliminal Coker messages, but there’s too much unicycling content to keep it bottled up in Oklahoma (I’ll be handing it out in the streets here soon)

OK, I’ll shut up now…


Thanks for the Video

You know, I had it in my head that I was ordering a 2 or 3 hour video which was the editted version of the 9 hours of video tape you came back from NAUCC with.

After watching 3 hours of progressively better freestyle, I checked the tape length: The tape holds 8 hours!

It took 3 days to finish watching it whenever I had some time in front of the TV!

The freestyle was inspiring. I think the best part, though (aside from seeing the Universe 2 preview) was seeing the outside events. In particular, I loved the highjump shots and the obstical course.

One interesting thing that happened: My six year old went and grabbed my unicycle and proclaimed that he was going to wheel walk because that was the only thing he was able to do since he couldn’t reach the pedals! He was very determined and was furious when I wouldn’t let him try in the living room.

BTW: He still wants a skateboard for his next birthday, the unicycle is now on his Christmas list!



im still waiting for my copy,its been about 2 weeks since they were sent but how in the heck Mandell did you get yours in Canada before me?

oh well,maybe Tuesday (Monday is a holiday in the U.S.)

i’ve had mine for about a week now. thanks mark. after watching it my girlfriend’s 8 year old has renewed motivation to ride. he rode away from the ‘wall’ (support) for several revolutions yesterday. very cool.

thanks mark!


Hey Mark,

is there any way to get the videos via web, maybe ftp server or over some free webspace ? It’s not very easy to get videos from big national conventions in the USA here in Europe. I’m interested primary in trials and municycling.


ok! i got my VHS tape today.i cant belive how long that took.the mail service to my house seems to have become really slow,maybe its George Bush’s fault.everything else seems to be,at least thats what im told on NPR.

thanx for the Vid.i owe you $1.42

npr? but they’re so very conservative that they’re obligated to make him look better