i think i came up with an idea for a bc wheel it might help to not destroy pants post your replys or what you think good/bad doesn’t matter

the platform for hte brake is one with the plates so it moves where the plates move it also might prevent legs from hitting the wheel

idea.bmp (371 KB)

i drew it in paint in like 15 mins so its not that good

what prevents the brake housing from hitting the ground? Is it attached to the plates? if so, I think it would be pretty weird to ride, and if not it wouldn’t work at all.

Evan Byrne did that one time, I forget how it worked.

i saw a picture, and he said it was kind of sketchy… the thing hits the ground every time you bail. you may get a better result by weighting the plates…

i have an idea that may work better and is extremely simple… but i’ll draw it up later.

Im assuming that it would be, I once was thinking about it and I found a couple Possible flaws:

  1. the break cable would have to be long to allow the rider to break in any arm position
  2. if the cable was long enough to break proporly it would get tangled in the wheel or ware down on the road/tire

mayby if you had flexable pieces of matel coming up from the plats that You could squeez with your legs, so the metal would rub the tire

yeah that hydrolic system we came up with chatting about last night at the snowdon meet.

as long as it don’t add to much weight.

Evan did that way back when…

seems to have worked okay. I still think a leg operated brake would be better though.