First off, this site is great. While I was looking around the forums I thought of an intresting idea. What if users proposed different challenges to the rest of the unicycling community. These challenges would be to perform a certain unicycling skill, for instance, ride backwards X amount of feet without falling. The first person to perform this task (with video proof) would be honored in some sort of way, until another challenge had been performed.

just an idea, please give feed back

thanks- MP

That’s kinda nice, except it fazvors the people who ride with people who do filming, and also most of the challenges will be met by the top 2% of the riders here in notime. For example, in order to have any real trials challenge, you’d have to have some simple goal like “pedalgrab 125cm”. As far as I know the world record is 116cm, by Ryan Atkins, so this would be a realistic challenge. But, this would probably be an unmet goal for a very long time, and it would favor the very elite riders on this site who both have videocameras, and can already jump over 1m. So basically, nice idea, but it probably won’t work.

talk about getting spanked bigtime. o well. i thought it was cool at the time

It still is a good idea. The problem is that this forum isn’t just read by a bunch of people just barely learning how to do tricks. We’ve got everyone from people trying to decide which unicycle they should buy for their first one, to world champions. That’s a huge range. If you can imagine it, someone on here has probably already done it.

Exactly. NOt meant to rail on your idea at all.

I have a suggestion. The dare is to do something strange on your unicycle. Go ride into a supermarket in one door, down to the other end and ride out. Film from outside. Something crazy that has nothing to do with your talent. More about guts. :slight_smile: Of course anything illegal I would discourage.

The solution is simple. Simply have people state their “level” of riding - and have different challenges for different levels.

Or, to reduce the idea to it’s fundamental principle, simply have people competing to get to the next level more quickly.

:smiley: I like that idea!

Think of it this way. Anything strange is better done on a unicycle. How about a video of two guys riding through a McD’s on their unicycles? A movie of some guy walking downtown with a leash attached to his friend riding a unicycle. The stranger and weirder the better. :slight_smile: I believe you have to be a little weird and nonconformist anyways to ride a unicycle.

I suggest this:

All the users of the forums should become ‘one unicyclist’ in a way. I propose we see if as a team we are able to accomplish all skills up to and including level 10. It’d be fun to see if we have people who can do all the tricks from that list. Then we can also add a list of other tricks we can do.

We’ve done something like this non-unicyling. It was called a Video Scavenger Hunt.

You give the participants a set amount of time, say two hours, and a list of things to do within that time. The activities need to be done in a public place and usually involved embarasement, each is given a point value and the team with the most points at the end wins. The proof is in watching the video at the end of the hunt.

We did things like: Team Can-Can in front of a mall, Go downtown and immitate the Hammering Man, Rain Dance around the Seattle Center Fountain, go into grocery store and sing song from a product ad., Trick or Treat at Krispy Kreme, etc.

How about a list of unicycling dares to be completed over a weekend? Short video clips of each could be posted in galleries as proof.

I’ve had a strong urge for some time now to ride through a shopping mall in a gorilla suit. Perhaps with an air horn also. And of course it must be filmed. I’ll have to have 2-3 guys with video cameras stationed throughout the mall. Has anyone tried a similar stunt like this in a mall? If so what were the consequences?


Perfect. Make a new thread titled: Video scavenger hunt

State the rules of the game, and then make the first dare. start with an easy one. This should be fun… maybe the first person to send in a video of the completed dare should be able to choose the the next dare. i dunno, you decide.

awsome. it kinda makes you think, with one crappy idea, comes many great ideas.

Rayden Think of it this way. Anything strange is better done on a unicycle. How about a video of two guys riding through a McD’s on their unicycles?

This reminds me of the Burger King commercial Jay Green (of Brooklyn) did 25 years ago, where he came riding out with a white motorcycle helmet on, holding his Whopper hamburger with both hands, when their theme was “It takes two hands to handle a whopper.” Anyone remember that?

Thats an interesting desire. You might want to do it on a coker or something similiar, so you can outride the security guards chasing after you. But I do think if I was in a mall and a guy rode by on a unicycle, with a horn and gorilla suit, that’d totally make my day.

You might be able to finish the stunt before anyone realizes that you’re not supposed to be there. The more extreme, the more the confusion factor which translates to more time.
It reminds me of an asian teacher of mine who was in downtown Washington DC. He got on the wrong bus, and ended up in the very wrong part of town. These guys mugged him, but then he asked them for bus fair and directions back to his hotel. They were so taken aback by someone asking for some of their money back, that they actually gave it to him. Take people out of their cognitive possibilities, and it will take them time to evaluate the scenario in their minds.

or on a giraffe… imagine that- it would be awesome!

yeah the time i went unicycling on ice, my mates had suggested that we went into town all brought some wierd objects along and did some odd stuff intown, i think the best look was how scared the guy in dominoes was with some1 wearing a silver tiara, fluffy dice round their head and hopping on a unicycle giving them a psyco smile, with every1 else stood pointingin weird poses, maite have some vids of that day somewhere