IDEA: Unicycle Relay Across America

Laying in bed last night I thought of an interesting idea that I would like some feedback on.

My brother who taught me to ride the unicycle 33 years ago when I was 10 was diagnosed with cancer several months ago. Since then he’s undergone 3+ surgeries and/or procedures which the doctors say have removed all traces of cancer from his body and give him a 98% chance of a normal life.

My idea is this: I’m considering organizing a unicycle relay across America in coordination with the Lance Armstrong Foundation or some other cancer related organization. I guess this can also be done just for fun rather than raise money for a good cause.

The relay could start on either coast with the starting unicyclist carrying a baton, torch or other symbolic item. Riders from each state will ride a leg of the relay in their own state to make it convenient enough to actually pull this off. The last rider from one state will meet with the first rider in the next state and pass the torch. This will continue from state to state until we reach the other coast.

I’m wondering if we could recruit enough unicyclists from each state to pull this off. Please reply with your thoughts on the idea and if your interested what your home state is.

I think this could be a very cool thing to try and do. I also think this could get the sport of unicycling some much needed media attention.

i think we could all push yoopers monkey named clyde, when were you planning on doing it, cause i was hoping to get a coker as my next uni, and if i had my drivers licsence to get to my states starting point i think that this would be fun to do!

I think that is a very cool idea. Count Bear and me in if you do it.

Somehow my dad put stage 4 lymphoma into remission. It’s amazing what they can do now for cancer patients sometimes!

Pennsylvania. THere are clubs in philly, pittsburg and I am starting one in central PA. Unidaddy is a good contact for the eastern PA club. TheObieOne for the Philly gang.

Contact the USA they have a roster of clubs in the US.

amazeing idea i would love to be part of this.

I’d ride, althought I think the Nathan and Beau would steal my leg of the race.

I’ve got central Indiana covered.

i could find a few people and do iowa and maybe some of either side of it if it came through here.

i would definitely handle a good portion of eastern pennsylvania

Re: IDEA: Unicycle Relay Across America

On Mon, 5 Jun 2006 19:35:17 -0500, habbywall wrote:

>i think we could all push yoopers monkey named clyde

Hmm, wouldn’t that technically make you a bicycle? (And indeed I think
pushing the monkey cycle can give you some support.) A bike relay
through the continent wouldn’t get you as much media attention.

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“I’m slowly but surely stealing Wales and bringing it back to my house on the wheel, frame and cranks of my muni. - phil”

I could probably cover washington, going east to west coast, it depends on how the route goes, and If i could do it on a trials, unless I got a coker by then.