Idea formulation

My idea would be put into motion much later but, how about a coast to coast ride (US). Like California to New York, the proceeds go to charity. Ambitious? Yes. Impossible? No. We could get sponsors, so if you would possibly be interested in doing this next summer please post

Has this ever been done? And I was also considering a shorter one, like from Colorado to Texas, California to Kansas, etc… But I’d like to do the coast to coast one.


Read the long distance section on this page. It talks about long distance rides and about a few people that rode coast to coast.

that would be AWESOME. it has been done before, yes…but not like for charity and stuff. I’d definitely try to join you, but I’m thinkin that I couldn’t…I doubt most people would be up for it. but still, it’d be fun.

Not everyone would be able to go coast to coast. But riders could join for only a few miles along the way if thats all they can schedule. Just get sponsors for ea mile you ride. Some would make the total distance. I, for instance, would only be able to commit one or two days (max) to the adventure. Besides, my boohiney forces me to quit after a mere 20 miles. But that’s 20 miles worth of donations…

Actually, Lars Clausen, did all fifty states for charity.


“Besides pedaling through every state in the country, the focus of the 50-state tour centered on raising awareness about Inupiat Eskimo life on the Seward Peninsula of Alaska. Lars and Anne Clausen served a congregation in Nome, sharing in the life of the people and the ministry of this land. During the unicycle ride, some $200,000 dollars was raised toward the Seward Peninsula Endowment Fund.”

And it’s still a great idea to do it for any worthy charity.

Many riders before Lars did it for charity as well (but none as far).

To make it more accessible, you could think of it in terms of a coast-to-coast relay. Rider could ride as far, or as little, as they want, with the group growing our shinking depending how many riders were in it at a given time. The more riders, the more opportunities to collect donations for the charity.

Even I might be interested in riding part of that (long as it doesn’t conflict with Unicon)!

Yes, this is a good idea!!! A coast to coast unicycle relay to raise money for Hurricane relief. I’m in.

Back in the early days of the IUF (1985) we were planning a big UNICEF charity ride, where a group of riders would spell out the word “UNICEF” across the country, trying to hit as many states as possible along the way. Unfortunately that plan fell apart when UNICEF got embroiled in some controversy or other (can’t remember the details), and our contact person was no longer able to work with us.

But I figure if a bunch of people want to do a fundraising ride, but don’t necessarily want to ride all the way across the country, this should be the way to do it!

dude, i’d be up for it, but i dunno if i could do it on either of my current unicycles.

i’d either wanna buy a coker for that or a GUNI. i might actually start raining for this sort of thing…

it’d definately put us out there in a good image, and it’d be good for the charity… like towards the Katrina victims, or leukemia, or some other sort of research.

I think I would need a Coker as well, and I really like Memphis Mud’s and John Foss’s idea, truly, I think it would be extremely difficult to do something like this. And the idea hit me when I thought of the hurricane happened, I’m sure they will still be accepting donations for the hurricane next summer. Which, realistically is the only time I could do it because exercise would need to be done, cokers would need to be purchased, and sponsorships would need to be set up. But the more people the better!

I looked on mapquest, and on roads from San Diego to just the middle of South Carolina it is 2368 miles, now, if we were to go like 13 mph, for about 6 or 7 hours a day, we could get there in a month, but I’m sure stops will be taken so it would actually be about a month and a half. I’m not sure if the highway route is slower than a trail route, I think it is because we can pretty much go in a straight line on a trail. People could stop going and visit family, or leave. Does anyone think that 6 or 7 hours a day is a lot, and is 13 mph on a coker not enough?

which is why a GUNI might not be a bad idea. the coker would be nice too, of course, but i’d prefer the GUNI and an insanely comfortable seat.

Another idea could be like you do your state, for example, since I’m in Colorado I would go across to Kansas, somebody in Kansas would continue farther east, and so on. YOu could also do more than one state, this idea sounds pretty cool to me because then you don’t have to be away from family, friends, etc… Some people could go but I couldn’t. Would anybody be interested in this idea?