idea for stupid threads?

what do you say we put pictures of elephants on all the stupid repetitive threads that people make… I.E. whats easier… riding… or doing a double backflip off a 10 foot wall ON a unicycle?
i have seen this implimented on another forum and it works quite well, noobs see these threads and refrain from making one of their own… :slight_smile:

so here you are … since this thread is a little stupid

Uh, what kind of image should we stick in this thread? You apparently created it for no reason, while the elephant should’ve been put into one of the stupid threads that already existed.

That said, the problem with many “stupid threads” is that they have stupid subject lines. The person might have a good question, but asks something else in the subject, or else just says something like “Another newbie question.” For me, those get ignored. If I don’t know the question, I usually stay away.

Put stupid threads like these in Just Conversation. Better, just discuss it in the MR chatroom.

Yea great point theres always something good about threads, like the CKCrowe isnt alloud thread, unicyclists are becoming more like skaters with the cussing, the vulgure images in this website, you could no longer call this a family forum because of how messed up it is.

What vulgare images? (the koxx girl is not vulgare).
How is the forums messed up?

I just think that there are more threads that are either

a) already been discussed
b) pointless, eg: whats easier, a crankflip or unispin, who cares just practice them both and learn both

There really needs to be a sticky in each forum saying before posting a new thread use the SEARCH BUTTON

i think it can be called a family forum… look at a BMX forum, a skating forum, any forum on myspace(cept religious) and ou will see much much worse. there is a cussword in 1 out of 5-10 threads. You read a lot ck crowe, cusswords still stick out to you… that is a good thing as far as how good the forums are.

the thing i find interesting is that as more unicyclists come into the sport, the less willing they are to figure things out for themselves, and how stupid of questions they ask us. how do i cut my seatpost? … with something that will cut a round peice of metal… how do i put my uni on the stand? how can you ride it and not know how to put it on a stand. WHY DO MY PEDALS UNSCREW? your wheel is on backwards. why am i an idiot? i don’t know get a life!

Maybe they’re just glad to find a useful resource like early on in the learning process. I usually just ignore the threads I don’t find interesting, and then they leave me alone.

whats vulgar about this forum?

there is a little cussing - there is a little cussing in real life…