Idea for girraffe

For a two wheel(or three) would it be possible to make the regular frame spin independently of the frame that holds the wheels together? so you could sif and do more crazy stuff
thx in advance (and thx to Gilby it was his site that inspired my thought)

I am sure you could, but you dont need to, I have seen unispins, sif, sib, trials, even muni done on a regular giraffe, well, the traisl and muni had some modifications to make it stronger and whatnot, but it was still the basic giraffe.

it would be easy to do. instead of having a seat post clamp you could have it run on bearings so it stays in the same postions but rotates around.

isn’t the idea to make the top go forewards and backwards??
that would be insane… might as well be a giraffe ultimate wheel :astonished:

why would you want to? thats nuts man :stuck_out_tongue:

no he means have a head set setup so the seat spins (axis with centre of seat tube) that would be cool for sif but hadr as to ride straight coz you have no control with your bum/legs only with ur feet