Idea for a brake for my 28" unicycle

So I came across a linear bike brake and decided that I wanted to put it on my 28" unicycle so I could put my 4" cranks back on (because it was impossible to slow down without falling back). So I was wondering if any had done this before, or If I could do it. I took a pic of where I would have to drill through the frame to mount the brake

I would assume that drilling a hole through the frame wouldn’t weaken it

and here’s the brake that I want to use

I’m sure this is doable, I just need a brake line and the tubing (and some reassurance that it will work :roll_eyes: , which I hope it does).

I’m sure someone has something to say about this?

I think it would work, but I think you should wait and see what others have to say about it before you go and drill it.

Yea, I was hoping for a few replies by now about it, also I should mention it’s a sun 28" unicycle, sun isn’t that bad really.

Quite a few people do that and it works really well.

I dont remember if theres ever been a full guide on it, so it would be awesome if you did a walkthrough of your steps and post that in RSU and a copy of the thread in the tutorial section. I think it would help quite a lot people.

Alright, tomorrow I should be able to make a tutorial.

If you buy the magazine “uni”, issue 1 (or maybe 2) there is a tuturial on exactly this. Only difference is that that they make it a drag-brake by using an old shifter instead of a brake lever.

Issue 1 covers this item very good.

yep is was a classic move to fit brakes to cokers back in the day, I’ve never heard of anyone having issues wiht frame strength as a result and apparently they work well.

Well, my dad is telling me that drilling a hole in the frame will weaken it… Not that drilling a small hole through the frame is going to be “devastating” to its strength. All I need is the brake line for it.

I did that and it worked very well.

The small hole won’t compromise the strength of the frame.

yes it will weaken it, but not enough to cause the frame to fail by any means

Don’t worry about weakening the frame - it’s a common modification (mostly on cokers, but a 29er frame is no different at the crown) and nobody has snapped a frame because of it as far as I know.


Would my LBS have brake cable and the plastic tubing for it?

I’m sure they would. You will probably have to cut it though.

to the person who inquired where to by 28" tubes:

you can use a 700c type found in hybrid and road type bicycles.
in other words, anywhere.

it should say on the side wall what number you need

like 700X__ __