I am new on this. I am trying to learn idling, but still I am not so lucky. What is the best thing I should do in order to learn.

I suck at Idling too…

When I do get a few seconds in… It’s usually just luck… I hope for some tips too.

When I started I would do a half rotation fowards and a half rotation back then back to the front again and start over. shorter rotations will come as you get the longer ones more perfected. With a little bit of time it really just comes to you. like all other tricks.

Unless you want to master the ten skill levels idling is useless. It’s loads easier to just hop in place for a while. But If you insist. Practice in a door way and make comfortable partial revolutions until you are comfortable. Any specific questions just ask:D

He wants to learn idling, and plus it’s cooler to watch, more energy efficient than hopping and it’s necessary before learning to ride backwards.

Well the good thing is it’s not about luck, just lotsa practise.
Start by getting the motion of idling while holding onto something. Make sure to lean forwards and backwards at the right times.

Once you’ve done that try riding normally and throwing in a back pedal, then keep going forwards. With a bit of practise you’ll be good at it.

Do you know how pathetic that looks?

stand still

if u cant idle and u dont want to look like a goof hopping try a still stance

here is a link for a kris holm tutorial

I do that a lot :slight_smile:

Pathetic to who aside from you? As if people think unicycling in’t pathetic at all unless they are hopping in place :roll_eyes:

maybe I should just hop on my wheel while waiting for a car to pass. How would you like that? OR would that still look “pathetic”

Idling is way easier than hopping in place, if you’re good at it. I just stand up when I idle, and put all of my weight on the bottom pedal, which uses basically no stamina.

I actually learned how to ride backwards first. I would just hold onto whatever I could find that had a nice, long, flat surface behind and just pushed off. Once I could get four or five feet, I started to try to switch between just going backwards and forwards, which was the hardest part for me. Soon enough, I got it.