I'd make your day...

If I just had a digital camera, I would have made your fellow’s day. I know you sick-o’s love to see blood, flesh and ligament, and I had it all showing for everyone to see. With a digital camera, I could have posted a picture of my 1/2 cut off index finger.

I’ll just say, never have a “stupid moment” and try to play patty cake with a circular saw! You’ll lose every time! I should have been uni-riding. :slight_smile:

Sign me, a stitched up, but glad to still have a finger, --chirokid–


that’s rough… all though a picture would have been interesting at least… at my school the metal shop teacher has 11 finger nails and a split ring finger due to a similar incident. my wishes for a quick recovery and look on the bright side, you can still uni without half an inch of your finger. ouch.

That made me cringe. I don’t think a photo is all that necessary. Hope it heals quickly. Will this affect your ability to work?

I’m really sorry to hear about that Keith. Although these days I’m on the management end of things, I’m a journeyman carpenter by trade and have known a few guys with “modified digits”. I hate to hear this kind of stuff.
I hope you heal quickly and fully.

  • Frank

Ouch!!! Been there, done that and I know how you feel.:frowning:
Hope you heal quickly!!!

That’s gotta hurt.
Get well soon!:slight_smile:

I’ll find out in the morning! I only work 2 days this next week, so it really happened at a good time. --chirokid–

I appreciate all the compassion, you guys really are a good bunch.

With my line of work, I really need 10 perfect fingers. --chirokid–

Pretty weird, you would think that it would really hurt. However, it didn’t hurt when it happened. Then I thought it was just numb from such severe trauma, but it has really never started hurting. The ER doc prescribed Darvacets, but I didn’t even have the prescription filled.

Worst consequences I have noticed:

  1. Impossible to type as normal
  2. Hard to use a fork, spoon, pen or pencil.
  3. Can’t pick nose :slight_smile:

Positives I’v noticed:

  1. Built in Heart Rate Monitor: simply count the number of throbs in finger per/min.
  2. My wife hugs me more. A very good thing!

Tomorrow I get to take the bandages off for the first time, clean it and put on a clean dressing. I’ll let you guys know how it looks. --chirokid–

That is rough, Chiro! My dear old mom would say something like: “boy, were you lucky, you could have lost your whole hand!”. I guess that’s looking at the bright side.

Last summer I about pulled my finger off when I jumped out of a boat and my wedding ring caught on the windshield frame. It took nine stitches but, yes, I was lucky. It healed perfectly and you can barely see a scar. I hope you heal well also.

Good luck,

We need good chiros around. I like mine. Best wishes on healing!

Re: I’d make your day…

I think that only counts for unicycle injuries.

Actually, probably not with this group.

Those power saws sure can be dangerous. Hope it heals up soon!