I'd like to paint my funi, how is spray paint?

I don’t care for things that are bright and shiny so much, I’d rather it have some character. So I was thinking of spray-painting my frame and possibly my rim/spokes yellow or something interesting, doesn’t matter if it gets scratched off, I like scratches, it gives character.

Is this a good idea? Or should I not even bother with the effort?

If you do it right it is. Get some sand paper and get to work. Get some nice wet/dry sand paper, it makes it look soooooo much better. I go all the way up to 1200grit, but that really is not necessary. 600 works fine.

Are you going over chrome? I know you can’t just spray paint chrome, it will be off in a day. I’m not sure what you do to prepare it.

I’ve done 3 frames and 2 rims, all good stuff. Take your time and it’ll turn out great, I’m not sure about the spokes, Never did them, might be better off just getting new ones from danscomp.com, primo has all kinds of colors.

spokes are hard to paint … but it can be done w/ about 3 cans of GOOD spraypaint

good does not mean expensive.

It’s the torker LX 20", no chrome. So I would sand before, so as to remove the gloss, and then paint with a good distance so as to not get it gunky? Then just let it dry and wait for it to stop stinking?

I was going to paint every other spoke.

I really never do this kind of thing, but i thought it to be quite simple. We’ll see

and what would be some good paints to look into?

wow cool, just noticed I said “paint my Funi” in the title… awesome…

Yeah, with a frame like that sanding it down a bit to rough the surface up should work. Not so rough the coat on top will look funky of course. About 1-1.5ft is a good distance, pretty much just until it is done stinking. Your going to need a primer, nothing will look good over black. Make sure not to go any drips, they are ugly. When done priming wet sand it to smooth it out a bit, not to take all the primer off. Now apply the paint in a few coats. I do a bunch of thin coats, it works better. When done wet sand her again, then go on to clear coating. Dry the frame after wet sanding and get all the dust/crud off.

thats a lot of effort and it will look perfect… just sand a little, throw some primer on, don’t sand it unless it looks bad, and paint over, 1 real thin coat, 1 medium coat, one medium thin coat that sort of covers all so that it will be one solid coat.

whats the main purpose of the clear coat? Are you talking about a glossy finish?

Another option to sanding before painting is to pick up a rattle can of quality automotive plastics primer made for better adhesion to plastic and smooth surfaces ( bulldog is a good one). A couple of advantages is that it is quicker and easier than sanding, it is less expensive than a pack of wet sandpaper, and with sanding it is difficult to get into the corners, leaving them more vulnerable to scratching, where the spray is easy to get.
Make sure you get a nice topcoat of clear when done. That way small scratches are in the clear and not as noticeable.

This is what I am doing to mine this week with a custom pattern.:smiley:

I’m almost positive you can get it in a mat finish.

Oh alright, sounds great. And as far as for paint companies and their qualities for price?

Def need pics here when you do it!

I will try to do a tutorial if I can, but if it looks like crap I probably won’t post it haha

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Thank you for the links though :slight_smile:

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Do you have much experience with spray cans if not let me know I can give you some tips

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On the topic, IMO spray paint is awful for unis. It can be done, and some people do an okay job… but its not ideal.

@ stand - I’ve used spray paint about 3 times in my life, but I know how to spray a nice even coat, and where to spray, and what to wear, how nice the fumes smell when you forget your mask… but other than that. No… haha

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