Ice Cream Cake

This was just a fun video we made with a few mates a while back i never posted it on here, thought i would now for some reason.

music is family force five : Rip it up

Rofl @ the trash can. Great video!

thats actually pretty funny. I liked it!

the camera movement was cool.

You really chucked that trashcan… Was he alright?

Great video.

thanks for the comments guys. :smiley: yeah i was alright after that trash can throw (edit : lol i said trash can its all your fault its called a bin!) , but when we tried to get a better one he threw it harder and the point hit me in the spine!! hurt for like 20 minutes lol but it didnt look as good as this one. did anyone notice nafe when he was on the pole then appeared on the chair like 5 seconds later haha :smiley:

Lol, cool video. It was really enjoyable and the style was cool. The parts other than unicycling were interesting as well. :slight_smile:

that was really funny good editing with the camera and stuff and I lol’ed really loud when you threw the trash can and knocked him off the uni.
Do you in-in 3spin the same direction as you do them sif? Thanks.

yeah i do, pretty much the same motion as a sif 360 except start with one hand.

Really well done,i loved the video’s style.The trashcan thing was so lol

Trashcan was awesome :stuck_out_tongue: Nice vid man.

Enjoyed the video a lot. The movement and editing was great, nice one :slight_smile:

hehehe… garbage can bits were great. And climbing the flag poll and walking along the skinny wall at the end.
funny video. Nice transitions and music too. Keep it up.

The continuous-shot look to it was really cool and the flagpole and trashcan bits made me lol. Really good riding, too, I liked your style. Great vid!

Nice video… very original… quite odd at the same time… I loved it when you lobbed the bin at him… you guys do call it bins right? or for non english speakers – garbage can

I did notice the magically teleporting people, good work :slight_smile:

I meant “waste receptacle” earlier. Sorry :smiley:

Cool video, I especially liked the way that you moved the camera position throughout.


Yeah … I really liked your vid.
Creative and not boring in the least!
Kudos or props or whatever your generation says…

Nice video, tricks weren’t bad and the stlye of the video was nice.

that was an awesome video. trash can was hilarious lol

great video.very entertaining :smiley: cool filming!:slight_smile: