IBM TV commercial featuring

Hi all,

Last night I saw a commercial for IBM Small Business Solutions (something
like that), and it featured the animated logo full-screen,
followed by several seconds of the homepage.

I think I have heard this commercial mentioned here before, but that was the
first time I’ve seen it. Cool! Anyone else seeing it?

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John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone

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i’ve heard of that one before too.i keep missing though.was that on a cable channel?

I saw it again yesterday too, I think it was on the ABC network. It’s actually an ad for American Express’ OPEN Small Business Network (

We have seen the American Express Small Business commercials especially during Superbowl time if I remember correctly. Congrats John & Amy for being featured! I haven’t seen IBM commercials yet. It would be interesting to know in what parts of the country they are being seen.


Re: IBM TV commercial featuring

Old news john, but still very cool!

When I saw it, it made my day.


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I caught a glimpse of it last week on one of the Salt Lake City channels. I wish my wife would see it a few times and maybe she would stop thinking I’m addicted to such a weird sport…expensive, but not weird.


Not to digress too far from the thread but since this is largely about the family and business that gets most of our avocation dollars, unicycling is really not an expensive sport. Ask you wife if you can buy a NASCAR team. Suddenly unicycling seem pretty normal and not very expensive at all.