I wouldn't have believed this one if I hadn't seen it...

So I was teaching a unicycling class today to a couple of people. There
were a bunch of little kids watching, maybe seven or ten years old, and they
finally worked up the courage to ask to try. So of course we got them up
and helped them ride around while their (I assume) parents took pictures. I
ask almost everybody to try including the not one but TWO couples having
engagement pictures taken in the courtyard where we were practicing.

There was an older lady there who I assumed was the children’s grandmother.
(Turned out to be their dance teacher.) So of course we ask if she’d like
to try.

Now, most people her age just laugh, but she thought about it for literally
three seconds and goes, “OK! How I start?”

Yes, she hopped up on that unicycle like there was nothing to it. I held
one of her hands and one of my students held the other. Oh, but it gets

They’d just come from a show. She was wearing A SKIRT AND HIGH HEELS!!!

She loved it!

If only the wedding photographer had still been there and could have taken a

That’s just scary…