I wouldn't do this with my own basses...

Luckily, I borrowed a bass from a friend.
Oh, he was thrilled to see the pics.

Don’t you have to plug it in to something? :wink:

nah it probably has a satalite uplink inside…(and probably emits harmfull radiaton aswell)

u can play them without an amp, amps are really only needed if u want to practice with amplified sound, but wen ur stuffin round, like there ^ ^ then its u dont need an amp

pretty cool tho, i like ur retro shirt :wink: hehe

i stole my friends guitar(he walks around my town with it) and played that on my unicycle when he saw he he shouted at me :frowning:

he does love that guitar

Nice. Reminds me of this picture of Victor Wooten… (now my favourite bass player ;))


Victor Wooten Playing Bass on a Giraffe.bmp (90.4 KB)

I dont have a picture of it, ubt i play my guitar quite a lot when im riding, not any of my electric ones, thats pointless, but i either use my regular acoutstic guitar, or my 12-string =p

Give everyone something good to look, and listen at =p