I would have never believed...

Two months ago I had decided to take on the challenge of unicycling… The first week 6 ft. looked like an ocean…Today, I rode 4 miles.

Mike A.

Great! Fast learner!

You must be fit - when you’re up the newbie end of things unicycling is quite taxing - all that balancing takes it out of you. I’ve been at it two months and a quarter of a mile leaves me gasping.

In 1964 I was playing softball in our back yard and one of the players was my 63 yr. old Grandfather. That left such a powerful impression on me. I thought to myself if I live that long I want to be able to do that. Well I played sports all through out High School and college. After college I committed to exercising everyday. (sometimes every other day) I kept it up and now at 56 I can look back and say “yeah I did it” It was not easy. I was a runner for about 30 years and switched to biking about 2 years ago. Now Unicycling and biking. I think two things sustained me: One was my grandfather and the other is the intensity of my work out. I give it everything I have every time I exercise. I rarely enjoy the workout but afterwards its the best “high” I could ever imagine. My work out usually only last between 1/2 and 1 hr. I can not tell any difference from when I was 16. I injure a little faster but do not lack in energy. Some peoplwe I know attibutes it to ADD. If that is the case I am glad I have ADD.

Mike A.

That’s great Madams - I too was surprised at how quickly I got the hang of distance - in my first month I managed a 20k cycle in an afternoon which was the first time I did more than about 4km in a day, we did have a lot of breaks but we were enjoying the nice weather and my friend on a bicycle was too tired :smiley: although towards the ended I needed a slightly longer break as my undercarriage went completely numb! The funny thing is I was pretty much completely inactive for about 3 months beforehand - I think there’s something about how fun unicycling is that helps you push through standard pain barriers at least that’s how it seemed to work for me.

That’s a great tribute to such an influential man in your life! I am also hoping to be able to ride that far after two months. Congrats!

You’re never too old to learn stupid things :slight_smile:

So you can uni, whatcha gonna learn next?

How about telemark skiing?

I’ve been thinking of taking up base jumping, but I’m holding out for a terminal disease diagnosis :smiley:

I wana learn that to but to young :frowning: