I wish the Nimbus gel saddles could be bought again

There aren’t so many saddles I like. I just tend to find most saddles too hard and I like the curve. KH Fusion Freeride, KH Fusion Street, Nimbus Gel are saddles I like. I am going to try a QX Eleven, ordered one a few days ago (from an Australian online store I had never used before), hopefully it will come sometime in the mail.

But just thinking, for me, it would be perfect if the Nimbus Gel was something that was still being produced and sold. (With the saddle base not too flexy). I’d buy a bunch!

Hi Gockie, have you seen the Nimbus Classic saddle? They say it is the successor of the Nimbus Gel saddle. Found at municycle.com.
Regards Georg

I have one you can have for free if you like. It’s been flattened slightly but still retains most of its torturous shape. If you’re ever near Armidale let me know and it’s yours.

This nimbus saddle gets a huge thumbs down for me. So uncomfortable, just like the Club saddle.

That would be great… and I’m actually allowed to go to Armidale. Yay!