I will call this the I wanna go to Moab VIDEO thread

I want to go to Moab, but… It looks like I wont be making the trip again this year, so part of the money I planned for this trip is now going to some lucky winner and in return , everyone here should hopefully get some good videos to watch. :sunglasses:
So you say you want to go to Moab but cant afford too?
Maybe this might help…

I want to see your best video of Muni (For you people in the snow about now, some snow Muni might be cool) or maybe street trials (But chill on the hopping parts and lets see some action)
And the video that I (YES THAT MEANS ME) likes the best will get $200.00 towards the trip or a UDC gift cert. And if the videos are close I may post a POLL here to decide the winner.
If the best video is from a minor (that means under 18) I will need to speak with your parents before any funds are distributed
Good luck
P.S. Moderator, if I am violating any forum rule here please let me know
I wanna go to Moab

Damn that’s a nice thing to do, unfortunately it would cost me atleast $2000 to get to moab, else i would be desperately trying to borrow a video camera right now.

Well this sucks for me.

Man thats like almost exactly how much money it would cost for me to go…I think i should make one. So it has to be muni or street it cant be trials?

I think he means he doesn’t want to watch you do 10000 prehops, the jump over a step, 1000 prehops, ect. He wants to see some action.

For best results, please describe what you will be looking for in a “best” video. What a great philanthropist you are! I hope you will reveal your identity at some point. “I wanna go to Moab” describes a lot of people!

im making a video!


new ideas=something we have not seen before/lately. Since not everyones video editing skills are the best I will take that into consideration, but dont be sloppy

Let me ask the Magic 8 ball ??? Reply hazy, try again.

me and francisco are doing a movie

we hope we won the gift certificate and we are planning to buy 2 dvds from udc :roll_eyes:

but how much will the gift certificate be?

this is really nice of you, and even if I don’t win, thanks for stepping up, i have never seen anything like this as far as unicycling goes.

I’ll see if I can put together a video. When will the deadline be? Hopefully ill be able to get out and ride this weekend sometime.

My video will be snow Muni, seeing as we have a few inches right now. We need more snow!! It’s the middle of winter and we only have like 3"!!!


the cause is really good!

grrr i wish i could do snow muni!!
sounds really cool!
i never saw snow in my life haha

Deadline of midnight Sunday, February 25th 2007

So… um… who won?


OK I have watched all the videos for February and I have to say :thinking:
Let me give everyone an idea of a good video. http://youtube.com/watch?v=-XXDbpNiPkg
Note: action, etc
I did see one video submitted after 2-25 that was OK and one in the time frame specified so if anyone feels I may have missed their vid, please give me a link and I will view again

But there is a best one right? So that one should win.

Links to the vids for the rest of us?

So If you or your buddy is a world champ your in?

Be more descriptive. What about the movie did you like. What other things do you think would be good in a video?

I forgot how lucky I was to live near places like Northstar! The third star in that video, after Jess and Zack, is the super-wide lens they were using. Yes, I liked that vid.

How do people know you received their videos, did you contact them back?

BTW, Jess is a college student and I’m sure he could use the prize money. :slight_smile:

NO you dont need to be a champ etc. just post a good vid that is not a ton of hopping, some muni or ? type action would be good.
Here are the ones I thought were the best
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4-wulYs1Vs President luke
http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6252497564446183864 Skrobo
http://jyc.free.fr/Trailerarthurmanu.wmv Carthur
If you think you have one better that was posted in Feb. let me know and post it here